World winning series between American baseball and other nations

The history of baseball shows that, starting in 1884, there were several years of championship matches after the season. However, they did not notice it until 1903.

That year, the newly formed National League and American Union signed a “peace treaty” designed to put an end to the attacks of bridges. played by each member club of the tournament.

Although not to mention the mentioned series of post-season championships. The chairman of the Pittsburgh pirate team and the Boston pilgrim won. He came up with the idea of ​​a series of games after nine seasons to show off their teams. That’s setting up an annual event awaited by baseball fans everywhere.

Maybe it started to be called that. Because when the World Series started back in 1901, we were probably the only country that played professional baseball.

That means the team won the World Series, which is practically the best professional baseball team in the world. But the United States is still ranked number 1 in the world for baseball.

Cuba is arguably very good at baseball, but once the recent Cuban movement in Major League Baseball began over the past decade. Japan is also said to be great at baseball, but look at how their players do when they get here.

Ichiro Suzuki is the only Japanese soccer player to play in the Major League baseball that I will consider a clear success. No Japanese pitcher has ever been successful at League level, and don’t tell me Tanaka, as his career is just beginning. He has never won more than 14 games in a season. There are Japan’s better pitchers that have dropped after a few seasons.

So with baseball currently being played in different regions of the planet, why don’t we call it the North American Series? Because we pride ourselves on the sport we invented, and there are no other national leagues, other than North America.

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