What kind of sport is cricket? (Part 2)

The joke didn’t stop there either, the two sides had to take turns running back and forth, the wider they ran, the higher the score.

The average player in the team they threw must catch the ball returned to the opponent. Next, they will continue to hit them repeatedly and until it is time to be eliminated, the remaining 10 players in the field will be replaced similarly.

The source for elimination is when the three wooden sticks at the back have fallen, or they have caught the ball when the ball has not touched the ground or the players hit the ball they have cheated, slaughtered and covered the three wooden sticks.

It is a very interesting game

What is cricket? The game is full of suspense because one over the other who will run more widely and will hit the ball slightly correctly. The players who play this kind of game will get dirty because they will fall to the ground widely, or they will slide. The conclusion about this type of game is not as arrogant as Golf or tennis!

If you are not familiar with cricket, it can be a difficult game to follow. There are some elements similar to baseball, combined with others that are completely unique and sometimes confusing. It can be difficult to understand the strategies that players are pursuing and even basic questions like “who is the winner?” There are not always simple answers. But once you know the basics, cricket is great.


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