What kind of sport is cricket? (Part 1)

What is cricket?

Nowadays, there are things in the world that are popular to play with, so mankind is always going to be strong and think of a typical new game like this cricket or other types of games like betting on soccer entertainment.

The reason here is that both sporty and entertainment are the main reasons to exercise. I myself thought that whoever thought of it was a ball considered a great man, so it was worshiped in front of the whole person.

Because only one ball can be used, it can be smart for hundreds of sports, from playing the most comfortable to the most difficult, ranging from hand to foot use, from playing. like on the shore until coming down to the water.

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What is the subject of Cricket at home?

As a subject there will be 11 players on both teams and will be divided into two games. Each game will be divided into 11 more small sessions. In each small session type there will be 2 types of players from 2 teams.

One team will throw the ball and the other one will use the bat to hit the ball. Behind the polishers will be a three-pillar, understood simply as there are three sticks to plug into the ground and there will be two types of wood sticks lying on.

The pitcher had to do that for the affected pillar to fall, and the batter had to knock the ball out.

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