What is Cricket?

Cricket is a sport that uses sticks to polish. This sport is very popular in the countries of the British community.

In cricket, there are two teams, each with 11 players on the grass. The two teams will take turns, one serving and one polishing. When all players of the team are disqualified, the team will switch to throwing the ball and vice versa, the other team will enter the field to be the team.

Since there is only one ball, I have come up with hundreds of sports, from simple level playing to playing the most complicated level, from using your hands to using your feet, from playing on the shore to down in the water.

As a subject, there will be 11 players in both teams and divided into 2 games. Each game will be divided into 11 small sessions. In each small session there will be 2 types of players from 2 teams.

A team of people will throw the ball and another person uses a stick to hit the ball. Behind the batter will be a three-cylinder, simply understood as having three wooden sticks to plug into the ground and there will be two types of wood ingots above.

Many of the team players they threw had to catch the ball returned to the opponent. After that, it will continue to play nostalgic and until it is removed, the remaining 10 players in the yard will be replaced as well.

The reason to be eliminated is when three wooden sticks in the back have fallen, or have caught the ball when the ball has not reached the ground or the players who polished them have cheated, took the meat and covered the three sticks.

This is also an unexplored gold mine, unlike soccer, which their houses have brought low rafter because of a large number of participants. Everyone join and try it out, experience what Cricket game is!

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