Vietnam’s first cricket team

This is the first time that cricket has been introduced to SEA Games. And perhaps few people know that this sport similar to baseball has been present in Vietnam for the past 3, 4 years.

Cricket is one of the sports with the most players in the world. So the community of foreigners living in Vietnam, especially the British, Australians, and Indians, has for years built the cricket movement in Ho Chi Minh City. Even the Vietnam Cricket Association (VCA) was born quite a long time. Starting at RMIT University, the playground for the members of the association later transferred to Phu Tho Training and Sports Center (District 11), and a cricket team of Vietnamese people was born. over half a year in the form of socialization.

The problem for young people when coming to cricket is the issue of budget. It is a sport that requires a lot of equipment – sticks, gloves, protective gear beside shoes and balls. Each individual stick that the team owns has a million silver prices. Vietnam cricket team therefore exists in the form of socialization when the training and competition equipment is sponsored by VCA. The formation of the team was also proposed by VCA to the Department of Culture and Sports of Ho Chi Minh City.

Mr. Sandeep Gill – General Secretary of VCA (Indian) – said: “Cricket is one of the three sports with the most players in the world. So we want to promote this sport to Vietnamese people. At least it helps foreigners living in Vietnam who are passionate about cricket will have more playground ”.

Not only training equipment, VCA also invited a foreign expert for the team – Coach Michael Blinkhoff (Australia). As a photographer, Mr. Blinkhoff has been working in Vietnam for 2 years and also often plays cricket in groups with members of VCA. He accepted to help the team 3 times / week and completely free.

Eighteen players, 16 of whom are first-time SEA Games students and non-professional coaches, will set foot in Malaysia next month. Their dream is not the medal, but the hope of a world leading sport will have the opportunity to develop more in Vietnam.

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