Traditional cricket tournament “The Ashes” in Australia (part 1)

With temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius of some summer days in the Southern Hemisphere, people of Kangaroo land still reel with each exciting rhythm of “The Ashes” award for Cricket.

Australians are famous for their love of sports and Cricket is one of the most popular entertainment sports with the top honors tournament, “The Ashes”, accompanied by a series of fierce confrontations that take place between the Australian team and the England team. The Ashes tournament is held in Australia every two years because the series is held alternately in the United Kingdom and Australia. The series of antagonistic matches of The Ashes in the 2013-2014 season has been taking place since November 2013 in Australia.

Looking at periodic competitions, The Ashes is a fiercely competitive but has a lot of friendly meanings between the two countries of Australia and Australia, originating from a traditional cricket event from then on. 19th century.

The Ashes was formed in 1882 when the Australian team made the first time defeating the England team in the enemy. On this occasion, a British newspaper voiced “death” of cricket with a statement on the satirical “obituary” that people had cremated its cricket and ashes sport brought back. Australia. Unexpectedly, this joke became popular quickly, so much so that the England tour in Australia in the season 1882-1883 was called “The mission to reclaim The Ashes.”

On the same trip, a group of women in Melbourne gave the current England captain Ivo Bligh, a small pitcher, believed to store the ash portion of a club, the ball. or the Wicket column, which is the three wooden bars that stand behind the player’s position standing on the ball. After that, the winning team forms a trophy with a pitcher-like model that has become the historical tradition of the Ashes.

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