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Japanese baseball is a sport the most favorite King of this country. And when it comes to Japan, people not only remember the dominant flower, the comics but also the fascinating football. Along the article below to find out about the history of baseball in the land of the rising sun.

Just like the United States, the birthplace of baseball. Japan is also a popular and very popular sport in this country. Even more than football, baseball is considered a national sport. Since 1872 after being introduced to Japan, football has rapidly grown.

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From here, baseball is like an indispensable spiritual dish in the life of the people of cherry land. Even at the elementary school level, the Japanese Ministry of Education has made baseball and instruction on how to play baseball a compulsory subject for students. In addition, many tournaments are regularly held and competed between schools or localities.

Similar to soccer, Japanese people also use sound-creating devices such as trumpets and drums to cheer on their favorite team. Soccer matches are usually played on the Tokyo Dome. The most famous football field in this country. Regardless of old and young baseball, anyone can participate in training and competition for the king of Japanese sports.

In 2000, the number of matches also increased from 130 to 135 in a competition season. In 2001, teams had to play 140 games in a season. After 9 rounds, the participating teams will divide and win by watching the total points earned. There is an offensive team and a defensive team, the two teams will change positions when 3 players are played.

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Central League and Pacific League became 2 important tournaments of this country. After each season, the organizers will select the 28 best players into 2 teams to compete against. In the Central League there will be 17 players selected by the coach and 11 by the fans. And Pacific League will have 12 players voted by the audience, the rest by the coach selected.

At the end of each season, at each position on the baseball field, there will be nominated 9 outstanding players voted by 200 experts. They will then receive the title of “Best Nine Awards”.

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