The great passion for cricket in Australia

The love the Australian spend on this sport always clearly shows on the field. The Australian cricket team takes the No. 1 spot in the opposition tournament and No. 2 in the singles tournament. Australians worship fast-pitching players, throwing vortices, throwing at average speed and even those with lower-pitched throws.

Australian cricket heroes include Sir Donald Bradman, Ritchie Benaud, brothers Chappell, Lillee, Thomo & Max, Waugh brothers, Shane Warne, and Glen McGrath. Cricket has produced national heroes and brought the best sporting moments to this country.

The Australian fans of this sport have surpassed the earth to witness their hero with their own eyes. Groups of fans often organize and go together to enjoy the matches. They are united by the same goodwill and undying loyalty to their cricket team.

For those who are new, cricket also has its own slang. Watch any match and you will hear the commentator mention terms such as innings and overs, silly mid-on, silly mid-off, slips, ducks and golden ducks, googlies, fours, sixes, and centuries

If you join your first cricket match, it is a “rundown”. Two cricket athletes stand in front of the three pillars at the ends of the school sphere. The player delivers the ball, the goal is to hit the ball as far as possible before being stopped by the stimulus. Once the ball has been hit, the athlete runs back and forth between the three pillars while the players run fast and rush to find the ball and throw it back to the three-keeper. The holder of the three pillars is responsible for hitting the pillar of the three pillars and finding a way for the referee to acknowledge that the pitcher is out.

In Australia, the school is the “sacred” field. The audience sits in positions on the world’s first-class stands and never risking a run on the pitch during the game.

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