The difference between Cricket and baseball (part 1)

Cricket and Baseball are two games that appear similar in many ways but there is a lot of difference between them when playing games, rules, schools and the like. What they have in common is that both are very popular ball games, but in different places in the world. Both are group games but the cricket team has 11 members while the baseball team has 9 members. Cricket field is usually rectangular while baseball field is a diamond-shaped area. They are both interesting games. Cricket is famous worldwide, especially in British influential countries. Baseball is a favorite sport in the United States and Canada.

What is Cricket?

Cricket is played for two turns on each side. A round is’ every part of a game in which both sides have a turn. “To this day, there are many different types of cricket games such as daily matches, ODI (One Day International), 20/20. Currently, 20/20 is the most popular that each team gets 20 overs to play the match.

Although the ball is used in cricket and baseball the same, cricket is heavier than a baseball. Crickets must weigh between 5.5 and 5.8 ounces (156 to 164 g). Moreover, bats used in cricket games are flat and strong and do not often break. It is true that some cricket bat species have been created for decades.

Then, three important types of players in cricket games are bats, bowler players and wicket keepers. When we talk about positions, the different positions made by the players in the game of cricket are characterized by different names like mid-off, mid-on, good legs, good deep legs. , long legs, intermediate wicket, silly mid-day, silly mid, between wicket, square feet, points, square feet, water slides, slip, cover, extra covers, long and long. When it comes to bowling, the bowler must return the ball in front of the batsman in cricket games. A run is completed by a fisherman in a cricket game to increase his team’s score. A running run between wickets. Two batsmen must change places by running without realizing.

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