The cricket star died because of being hit by the ball

The Australian cricket player, Phillip Hughes, was unable to survive after being hit by a strong shot at the beginning of a match.

The bad news came to sports in general and cricket in particular when Phillip Hughes of Australia died at Sydney’s St Vincent Hospital. The player was brought into the emergency room after being hit by a cricket ball with very strong force on the head.

Phillip Hughes died at the age of 25 and he was known as a talented cricket player. The rare and heart-breaking accident occurred during the match between New South Wales and South Australia under the Australian national cricket tournament on Tuesday. The player threw the cricket ball was Sean Abbott of New South Wales.

Phillip Hughes was loved by many fans

In that situation, Sean Abbott threw the cricket ball to the ground and bounced across Phillip Hughes’s head. The 25-year-old should have used a stick to knock the ball away but he could not react and could not use the stick to catch the ball. With very strong momentum, the ball hit Hughes’s back and he collapsed on the field.

The medical staff immediately entered the first aid yard for Hughes. The player was then transferred directly to the hospital with an ambulance helicopter. Despite being treated by doctors, Hughes was unable to survive because of the severe injury.

The Australian cricket federation had also confirmed this information with the press. Phillip Hughes’s relatives, friends, and teammates were by his side in a moment of grief. They all expressed remorse for a young, talented player in the world of cricket.

Cricket is a game that is full of suspense because the players have to run a lot and hit the ball quite correctly. Accidents in this sport happen sometimes.

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