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What types of bet are available when betting in cricket? (Part 1)

Twenty20 is a new, single-cricket style applied in the 21st century. Twenty means that each team is limited to hitting and delivering the ball in 20 throws, instead of with 50 throws ball for cricket on a daily basis.

The goal of the twenty-two cricket is that the match will be very short and will end in about three hours. Twenty-two were invented to attract newcomers to cricket, because newcomers may not be interested in the sport for the first time if it takes too long.

The First world champion for twenty criket was held for the first time in 2007.

Money Line

Predict the winner. Bets will be open for two teams.

1 x 2 (Full time)

Predict the winner. This bet involves predicting whether either team will win or draw.

Handicap Bets

Predict the team to win the match/period with the given handicap.

Over/Under (Number of Runs)

Predict the total number of runs that will be over or below a given number.

If a match is postponed, then Over/Under bets will be settled in the event that the match is unconditionally determined after subsequent runs are likely to affect the outcome of the match. In other situations, all bets will be void.

Bets For Match Series

If the specified number of matches does not occur, bets will be considered void.

Online casino reserves the right to cancel special types of bets related to a series of games (such as Match Line Scores), unless the result has already been declared.

Best Hitting/Pitching Player (Match Series)

Predict the best Player or Pitcher in a given series of matches.

Bets placed on selected players but who do not play or serve will be considered lost.

If the players equally knock down the same number of pillars, the winner will be the serve with the least number of runs, regardless of the number of serves per player.

Dead-Heat rules apply if there is no winner.