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Complete guide to betting in cricket sport (Part 3)

If a team is disqualified before the time limit, then the opposing team is allowed to start hitting the ball. If the second team achieves the score of the first team within the limit, the second team wins. If the second team is eliminated before reaching the number of points of the first team, then the first team wins.

Japanese single cricket is different from the opposing cricket because each team can play the ball only once. And secondly, the team that has fewer points loses; In competitive cricket, the serving team must cause the team to be eliminated to achieve the result.

General law

If the venue changes, all bets will be void.

If a match is postponed and not resumed within 12 hours from the original start time, the result before postponement will be void and all bets will be void, unless stated otherwise. Other are listed below or in each particular bet type. The decision to cancel bets is final and not affected by the decision of the arbitration or the relevant organization.

Cricket for resistance & county championship

Bets will be settled based on the official match result if at least one ball has been delivered. In the event of a tie, the Dead Heat rule will apply and bets placed on the draw option will lose bets.

If the match is abandoned due to objective reasons, all bets will be considered void.

If a match does not have a draw option but the result is a draw, all bets will be void.

Japanese cricket & Twenty cricket

For a single match, if the match is shortened or postponed due to objective reasons, all bets will be settled based on the official competition rules. If the match result is decided by a bowl-out, super-over or a coin toss, all bets will be considered void.

If the match is a draw and no winner is determined, all bets will be considered void.

If the Duckworth Lewis method is applied (D / L), bets placed on “Highest 10 over Total” and “Highest Opening Partnership” will be void, unless the result is determined before the D / L method is applied.

If a new coin is tossed on the scheduled date for the Japan International Single match, all bets placed within the last 45 minutes before the scheduled start time will be considered void. This rule applies to all types of bets, except for those that are unconditionally determined, such as “Coin Toss”.