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Indian team topped the ICC world test championship rankings

Indian team topped the ICC world test championship rankings after a series of failures in New Zealand.

India’s New Zealand tour ended with a clean sweep in test series two. Before the test series, India also faced a clean sweep (3-0) in ODI and now after 8 years, the Indian Team also faces a clean sweep in the test series.

This is a big loss for India, so for that victory, it is very important. The ministry also has an impact on the ICC World Test Championship rankings. India maintained its leading position in the rankings, but lost 120 points ahead of New Zealand. In fact, New Zealand earned 120 points after winning a series of 2-match tests. Now New Zealand’s team has moved from fifth place to third place in the rankings.

At the same time, New Zealand has benefited from winning series. New Zealand jumped from fifth to third place in the Test Championship rankings. Australia ranked second after New Zealand. New Zealand got 120 points after defeating Series 2 India.

New Zealand currently has a total of 180 points. At the same time, India still leads with 360 points. He is currently ranked fourth in the Test and Pakistan charts in fifth position. Sri Lanka ranked sixth and South Africa in seventh place. West Indies are ranked eighth and ninth in Bangladesh.

The new Cricket Advisory Committee is set up to fill the vacancy of the selection committee

The Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) of the Indian Cricket Control Board (BCCI) will finally embark on the task of selecting two nationals at the first meeting in Mumbai on Tuesday.

The three-member CAC, supposedly choosing the BCCI constitution selection tools, hasn’t had a lot of work to do since being appointed on January 31. The committee, composed of former Indian players Madan Lal, RP Singh and Sulakshana Naik, will be shortlisted for personal interviews.

Madan Lal, who previously said that 44 applications have been received for the two positions, confirmed on Monday that he will be in Mumbai for the meeting. CAC is seeking the replacement of MSK Prasad head of board and Gagan Khoda board member.

Ganguly, who did not go to Dubai to attend Asian Cricket Council meetings due to the growing threat of the new coronavirus, is likely to be at BCCI headquarters on Tuesday. In January, BCCI boss said the new selection committee would select the Indian team for the home ODI against South Africa, starting at Dharamshala on March 12.

Complete guide to betting in cricket sport (Part 2)

Score calculation

Running from one end of the field to the other three cylinders: 1 unit

Hit the ball out to the edge of the court: 4 cells

Hit the ball without touching the ground, flying outside the boundary line (including flying into the stands): 6 cells

Cricket style

Antagonistic Cricket

Countervailing cricket is the longest cricket type, up to five days. A cricket match was attended by two nations; if there are no two states, it will not be recorded as antagonist criket. Currently, ten countries are registered to play cricket against International Cricket Council (ICC).

ICC allows a country to participate in a cricket competition if that country reaches an acceptable level. A cricket match can last five days; If a team wins five days before, the fight ends early. If after five days, no team wins, the result is a draw.

In opposing cricket sports, each team alternately plays and serves the ball; Each team can play a maximum of two balls. The goal of the game is to gain more points than the other team, in a total of two batting sessions.

In opposition cricket, to win, a team must knock the opponent out twice (or have a team ask to lose (declaration)). If a team gains more points, but the opponent is not eliminated, but continues to serve, succeed until the end of the maximum time, then the result is a tie.

The first cricket match was held in 1877, attended by England and Australia.

Daily single cricket

One-day cricket or Limited overs cricket, is a new type of cricket, invented around the 1960s and 1970s. Cricket matches are held every day. In a single-cricket match, each team is allowed to play the ball, for a limited time, usually 50 “over” rounds. After the restricted ball stroke, double, second alternately hit the ball.

Complete guide to betting in cricket sport (Part 1)

Cricket is a sport of using bats, popular in many countries in the British Commonwealth community, playing between two teams, each of 11 players, on a circular field of grass.

The purpose of the match is to take two teams taking turns, a serve and a batting team. After all players of the batting team are disqualified, one team will change to pitching the ball, and the other team will enter the court to become the hitting team.

Introduction to cricket

At the beginning of the match, a team sends two people holding sticks to stand at both ends of a flat strip of land called pitch. Each end has a three cylinder (wicket) consisting of three sticks sticking into the ground, with two wooden sticks on top.

The team on the other side sends a server – “bowler” (bowler) and some people around the team waiting for the ball – “stimulating player” (fielder). The pitcher attempts to throw from one end of the field to the other, the goal being to bounce the ball from the ground and break the three pillars of the three pillars on the other end.

The person who holds the stick of the opposing team must try to knock the ball out, protect the three cylinders on his side. While the ball was struck far away, the two players with the sticks had to run back and forth between the two ends of the field.

Each run is counted as a “run”. The team throwers must catch the ball returned to the field. The two ball team players continue to hit and run back and forth like that and earn points until either of them is thrown out by the team in the following ways.

Break the cylinder when serving

Catch the ball from the batter before it hits the ground (catch)

Leg before wicket

Make the person hitting the legs out protruding first, the legs cover the cylinder and if the referee sees, will punish, remove.

Using the ball to smash the ball into a goal while the batter is still running is not able to keep up to the level of the three pillars.

The eliminated player is substituted by another teammate. The team always has two people holding sticks on the field (partner).

Australia left England on the brink of the Cricket World Cup

By the time they left, only the sound of the Australian celebrations remaining after the 64-time victory over England had earned a place in the World Cup Cricket semifinal.

Facing the English opponent for the first time since returning from the Prohibition 12 months for forging the ball, both men came out booing and joking, although the strongest was reserved for Smith.

Not that extra attention from the crowd appears to annoy either man. Warner hit 53 to become the top scorer in the tournament, while Smith, who was fired was organized with a great deal of joy from those in the stands, fighting to 38.

Both men played their part in Australia reaching 285-7 from their 50 before helping bypass England for 221.

Australia’s David Warner has received several sleighs from home supporters.For England, there is still much disappointment. The third defeat in seven group matches makes participating in four finals of the World Cup Cricket 2019 in serious danger.

Now they have to beat either India or New Zealand, both unbeaten in the tournament so far, to ensure it doesn’t suffer the same fate as the last time the tournament was held in 1999 when it was fell in the group stage.

As usual in an international competition, the ability to reach the peak at the right time is very important. For England, having dominated the single-day cricket for the past few years, it seems the peak is now fading out of sight.

Pressed by two disappointing defeats by Pakistan and Sri Lanka, Britain resisted that from the start when Australia started quickly at Lord.

Aaron Finch, captain of Australia, had a century and his opening collaboration with 123 with Warner allowed the visitors to take control of the competition.

England, winning 10 out of 12 matches a day before Australia, was rumbling. Poor protection, dropped catches and inaccurate bowling cause it to face a tough struggle.

Pursuing 286 to win, the British mission became impossible after losing three wicks in just 26 runs. Ben Stokes gave some resistance by hitting 89 but once he was chased by Mitchell Starc, England’s hopes of an unquestionable victory were all but over.

More worrying for England would be the spectacle of Bangladesh, a point behind, going up on the tracks. Sri Lanka, two points behind but with a game in hand, will also like its chances in the semi-final.

It was unthinkable just a few weeks ago – that the top-ranked host country could not put out the last four – was now becoming a more realistic possibility.

The best and worst opening pairs in ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 (Part 2)

4. Australia

Hopefully, Aaron Finch and David Warner will be responsible for Australia’s attack at the World Cup. Warner Lien’s inclusion is an absolute boon for men from the bottom up, but he will need his captain to continue.

Finch is dangerous in front of a new ball, but sometimes tends to throw it away. Australia will hope he enters his A game in the UK.

3. South Africa

Can South Africa break their World Cup world this time? If left to their openers, they can only do so. Quinton de Kock and Hashim Amla seem to be the first choice for the Proteas couple, and we couldn’t ask for a better duo.

Quinton is a young and fearless beginner who is afraid to use all his power, while Amla can control the ship with delicate skills. Perhaps chokers are no more?

2. India

The 2013 championship was a turning point in the careers of Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan when they realized how effective they could be as a door opener.

This time too, India will depend on their friendship and understanding to give them an incredible start in the UK like they did here about six years ago.

1. England

Jonny Bairstow and Jason Roy. Enough said. England have no talent in their current ODI squad and are the favorites to win at home.

Bairstow and Roy have put their excellent IPL form into the series against Pakistan and it is unlikely that any team will be able to constantly stop their responsibilities at the World Cup. Expect some great points from this cooperation.

Facebook scored big points, gaining prominent broadcasting rights from major cricket tournaments

The International Cricket Council (ICC), the governing body of the sport, announced today it is partnering with Facebook to display exclusive digital content for ICC tournaments held in the Indian subcontinent. Degree until 2023. The social network will also display post-match summaries for ICC Events held elsewhere in the world.

The governing body had a partnership with Facebook earlier this year for the 2019 cricket world cup to be held in the UK. The ICC claims everyone watched 1.2 billion minutes of tournament-related videos on this platform.

Mafia manipulates cricket in India (Part 1)

Mafia has turned cricket ball tournament in India, which has the biggest attraction in the world, into a fake contest to profit “gigantic” through the illegal betting market.

The fertile market of the mafia

Currently, cricket tournaments are on a downward trend, including in England, the country where the sport was born. However, in India, cricket has a strong attraction, even seen as a “religion”.

As described by the BBC, cricket creates a strange national unity in India, because when a match takes place, the roads become empty, the wedding must be postponed, even the activities of hospitals or congressional meetings were also rescheduled. The whole country, from the poor to the rich, the rural or the urban, the Hindus or Muslims, etc. put aside their work to watch the struggles.

The Indian Premier League (IPL) professional cricket tournament is held every year with 11 participating clubs with an audience equal to 10 tournaments in other countries combined. This “crazy” attraction has helped IPL in 2014 gain a brand value of up to US $ 7.2 billion and is the main source of support for the International Cricket Council (ICC).

Meanwhile, since its inception in 2008, IPL has created a betting market with revenue of about US $ 60 billion, but half of that has fallen to illegal betting lines via websites from Karachi. (Pakistan) to Mumbai (India), Hong Kong and Dubai (UAE). However, hidden behind the glitz, the results of the IPL competitions are mostly orchestrated by the notorious mafia gangs in India and Asia.

Semi-explosive scandal 

In May, Indian cricket fans were outraged when the IPL scandals began to come to light after a series of arrests. First, Dehli police proceeded to arrest three stars of the Rajasthan Royals Club, Sreesanth, Ajit Chandila and Ankeet Chavan immediately after a match in Mumbai due to the result of the settlement line.