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India vs. Pakistan: a cricket match in which players are separated (Part 2)

The unofficial ban – weak enough to allow someone like Wasim Akram to become bowling instructor for Knight Kolkata Knight – kept Pakistan’s top players in the waiting room. Even if the ban is lifted, which franchise will be prepared to take risks, can they guarantee the player’s protection from an extremist with grudge?

Meanwhile, the Pakistan Super League is developing nicely, but no Indian player is wearing gloves. BCCI likes to keep Indian male players dry powder for IPL, although they only allow their female players to play in Big Bash. This may be a reason why Yuvraj Singh has retired, so he can freely trade globally.

This physical distance between the two teams also creates an emotional distance. There is still a common language, a common food, a shared culture, but over the past five years, the two sides have disappeared up and down into two different stratosphere.

Meanwhile, once they would hang out together at Sufi music concerts, that was slowly drifting away. The players are very intimate, but the old relationship, the friendship that goes with spending hours and days together on a trip, is gone. A leading Indian commentator said that it is like having close neighbors, not like you.

At the 2017 Champions Cup, Pakistani athlete Sarfaraz Khan wanted to get some advice from MS Dhoni, but a meeting could not be arranged – not because of any mutual dislike, but because Life has become too complicated. Once upon a time, they would wander into each other’s changing rooms.

The Indian team has become supernovas, the world’s superstars have such a reputation that they are more likely to live, eat, breathe and play in bubbles – with room play stations, beards and sports tattoos.

For Pakistan, their mere existence as a team could be in draw days Their greatest success made it the best – see their excitement beating England at the Trent Bridge – a small miracle. They are deprived, unprepared, don’t have a proper home and do everything with a glance, a wing and a prayer. Pakistan’s work is real as it is invisible, but it may be possible to do with a little more money every hour and again.

Perhaps what unites the players from the two teams in 2019 is that the shared experience from playing a game has more political and cultural significance than any other game on the planet, ready and waiting. to be attacked by those with agendas. A game watched by more than a billion people around the world, to a passionate stadium: a celebration, a competition, a pressure, which only 22 people can understand.

What kind of sport is cricket? (Part 2)

The joke didn’t stop there either, the two sides had to take turns running back and forth, the wider they ran, the higher the score.

The average player in the team they threw must catch the ball returned to the opponent. Next, they will continue to hit them repeatedly and until it is time to be eliminated, the remaining 10 players in the field will be replaced similarly.

The source for elimination is when the three wooden sticks at the back have fallen, or they have caught the ball when the ball has not touched the ground or the players hit the ball they have cheated, slaughtered and covered the three wooden sticks.

It is a very interesting game

What is cricket? The game is full of suspense because one over the other who will run more widely and will hit the ball slightly correctly. The players who play this kind of game will get dirty because they will fall to the ground widely, or they will slide. The conclusion about this type of game is not as arrogant as Golf or tennis!

If you are not familiar with cricket, it can be a difficult game to follow. There are some elements similar to baseball, combined with others that are completely unique and sometimes confusing. It can be difficult to understand the strategies that players are pursuing and even basic questions like “who is the winner?” There are not always simple answers. But once you know the basics, cricket is great.


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India vs. Pakistan: a cricket match in which players are separated

When Yuvraj Singh, a full-blown Indian with balls and bravery, cold ice chase and hot perfectionist, announced his retirement last week – there was a flood of love on social media festival. Not only from his brothers in blue – Sachin Tendulkar and Vinod Kambli – but also his cousins ​​on the other side of the big partition: Shoaib Malik and Shoaib Akhtar.

Yuvraj, whose career includes winning India’s World T20 in 2007 and their 2011 World Cup triumph, as well as cancer diagnosis and subsequent recovery, has performed all three centuries of Testing. against Pakistan, one in Lahore, one in Karachi and one in real estate in Bengaluru. And out of his 304 games a day, 38 were against them, 12 were actually in Pakistan.

In contrast, Indian captain Virat Kohli has never played Experiments with Pakistan and only dragged his pads for 13 of his 230 ODIs against them – four of which took place in England, including The whole Sunday clash at Old Trafford, but not the one in Pakistan.

The Sri Lankan terrorist bus attack 10 years ago, international cricket was kiboshed in Pakistan until recently, and when a World XI team friend toured in 2017 under the leadership Faf du Plessis’ s direction to the three international T20, seven countries have been represented, but no Indians are party members.

An unofficial decree by the Indian government for the Experimental Games between the two countries made Kohli unable to test his neighbors in the form of his favorite cricket – the teams did not. meeting in the Experiments since December 2007 and India and Pakistan are not part of the Test Championships – while hockey and other sports can be freely performed on national routes.

In the biggest, most cruel tournament of all – IPL – bromances have blossomed among unlikely individuals like Jonny Bairstow and David Warner. Royal Challengers Bangalore teammates Moeen Ali and Kohli shared their photos on a plane that landed together in Mohali – Kohli, neatly trimmed 2019 uber-beards nicely compared to Moeen bushes. However, no Pakistani players are allowed anywhere near the auction. Eleven cricketer played in the IPL version one in 2008, but the Pakistani government pulled them out of the auction in 2009 and they have not been seen since.

The five common dismissal forms in cricket (Part 1)

Like baseball, the fielding team can chase batsmen in many ways. In cricket, there are exactly 10, only five of them are popular. The commander signaled that a batter was given by holding his right finger in the air.

While baseball is very popular and by definition occurs at least 51 times in a three-hour game, in cricket, it is much rarer. Everything (or ‘wicket’) is extremely valuable — once you’re out, there’s no return at the end of the day – and they can happen hours outside. No double play allowed; The ball is dead when a wicket is taken.

The five common dismissal forms are as follows.

1. Jump

To be bowled out is when the person who successfully throws the ball bowl passes the bypass round of the soldier so that it is stabbed into the stumps and hit at least one of the bails off. This is the best remuneration for a bowling player, and is the best crusher for a bat. A funny sound and wooden humiliation added to the theater.

2. Arrested

To get out is self explanatory. If the ball is deceived by the ball after hitting the batter and/or glove of the batter, and before the ball hits the ground, the batter gets out. However, if the ball only attacks another part of the body or the arsenal of the soldier (such as a leg or helmet, and does not punch a glove or glove), the batsman batter cannot be caught. .

Note that a fielder trying to catch near the border must be within limits, and if the fielder hits the ground above or outside the boundary while contacting the ball, the ball is considered to have reached the boundary.

That is, a player cannot drag his finger across the boundary like in NFL, or catch the ball and fall into the crowd like in baseball. Rules that exceed the limits are the same as those for basketball, and players must have limits while in contact with the ball.

What kind of sport is cricket? (Part 1)

What is cricket?

Nowadays, there are things in the world that are popular to play with, so mankind is always going to be strong and think of a typical new game like this cricket or other types of games like betting on soccer entertainment.

The reason here is that both sporty and entertainment are the main reasons to exercise. I myself thought that whoever thought of it was a ball considered a great man, so it was worshiped in front of the whole person.

Because only one ball can be used, it can be smart for hundreds of sports, from playing the most comfortable to the most difficult, ranging from hand to foot use, from playing. like on the shore until coming down to the water.

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What is the subject of Cricket at home?

As a subject there will be 11 players on both teams and will be divided into two games. Each game will be divided into 11 more small sessions. In each small session type there will be 2 types of players from 2 teams.

One team will throw the ball and the other one will use the bat to hit the ball. Behind the polishers will be a three-pillar, understood simply as there are three sticks to plug into the ground and there will be two types of wood sticks lying on.

The pitcher had to do that for the affected pillar to fall, and the batter had to knock the ball out.

Complete Guide to Understanding Cricket (Part 4)

There are no balls and strikes; As long as a player is not given, there is no penalty for, speaking, swinging and missing at a delivery. There is also no attack zone, nor any direct ‘shadow’ part of the field – the entire field is fair-play territory, and batsmen can polish wherever they want to score.

Like baseball, the play is intermittent: once the ball has been hit and the game has stopped, the ball is considered ‘dead’, and only plays the game when the person who supplies the next ball.

The batting team starts their innings (yes, it’s inning, not inning) with Batsman A and Batsman B on the field. Together they will work together, accumulating funds for the group, until a person (like Batsman B) is given. At that time, Batsman B did batting during the day, and would staggered back to the locker room, being replaced on the ground by Batsman C.

Batsmen A and C would be together for a period of time, until is given, To be replaced by Batsman D, and the process of repeating all the downstream lines. The inning will end when one of the last two players is given the ball, which means the bowling team has taken ten wickets (making ten outs, in baseball terms). The only person batsman will still “not come out”, but the rounds will end, because he or she has no partner to fight.

People who eat sweet potatoes 6 times each time – this forms a “too”. A bowling player cannot bowl twice in a row, so after Bowler Bowl the ball six times, he will grab the hat and sunglasses from the referee (who keeps them transparent), and occupy a position in the field. Bowler B, who was on the pitch in the final match, will throw down the next six balls, but will pass the ball from the opposite corner of the field to Bowler A.

Usually, Bowlers A and B will bowl in one stage, alternating overs. Between the team surpassed, the Fields team had to reassemble to face the opposite end of the pitch, and therefore, broadcasts often cut a short commercial period, while those batsmen were hovering. Mid-yard for a short chat about the status of Games, their tactics, and what to have for dinner. Once the team is in position (usually after 30-45 seconds), play again.

Cricket in Afghanistan – the land of the dead (Part 2)

In a country where 70% of the population is under 30 years old like Afghanistan, a parallel development of literacy and cricket is essential. It helps children understand more about national solidarity.

I am working with the Ministry of Education to bring cricket to schools, and instead of building training centers, parents just need to get their children to school.” Having spent 3 months in England, home to cricket and attended the training of young athletes in 2007, Nabi was very impressed with what this sport has to offer.

So even though the Afghan cricket team has been born for less than a decade, they have achieved certain success, such as reaching the top 50 in the world.

The most significant step forward is the first time participating in the 2015 World Cup. Although it is still a long time before Afghanistan can become a cricket power, the initial results have confirmed the direction of the Chinese nation. This asia is right.

Speaking of future plans, Noor Muhammad, Managing Director of the National Sports Association of Afghanistan, reaffirmed: “It is difficult to convey our message because Afghanistan is an unaffiliated member. We also do not receive support from the media as well as other countries.

Even so, we never run out of hope. We will try to tell the world how Afghans are crazy about cricket.

Afghanistan is known as a country full of war and conflict, but the love of cricket here has never died. Cricket in this Asian country is still growing, said Mustafa, the head of the Afghanistan Tel: “Afghans love cricket very much, there are many crazy fans, even Afghanistan who have received awards. As you know, mentioning Afghanistan is a country full of conflict and war, so the team members are always trying to do something to make the people here happy.”

Vatican cricket team’s friendly cricket match in England

The friendly match in England by St. Peter’s cricket club “Light of faith” to build bridges between cultures and religions through the sharing of the love of sport.

The Vatican cricket team departed for England on March 3, 2018, in order to enhance interreligious dialogue. This cricket team was founded in 2013 with priests and monks studying in Rome. The team operates under the auspices of the Pontifical Council for Culture, which promotes ecumenical and interreligious relationships.

The team began a 12-day friendly “Light of Faith” in the north of England, starting with the opening match against the famous Jesuit-run Stonyhurst cricket team.

On 6.7.2018, the team will arrive in London and will be “reinforced” by forces from the Archbishop of Canterbury. The Vatican team will compete with the interreligious team including Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Buddhist and Jewish players at the famous Lord cricket ground.

The team will also play against the members of parliament members, the Commonwealth XI, and the Royal Butler Club team at Windsor Castle.

On August 7, they will visit young prisoners, celebrate Mass and have a friendly match here. In parallel with sports friendships, the Vatican cricket team will also visit a mosque, a Sikh temple, a Hindu temple, and a Jewish synagogue to strengthen ties. interreligious and highlight the important role of faith in today’s society.

In order for the Word of God to spread and the Church’s information to be spread, the newsroom is willing to allow organizations and individuals to reuse articles published on their paper and online newspapers.

This friendly match between Vatican and England plays an important role in building a friendly spirit in all aspects in general and sports in particular between the two countries.

As can be seen, sports such as cricket have always been a profound link between nations, nations, and territories around the world.

Complete Guide to Understanding Cricket (Part 3)

Batsmen A and B are equal because they can contribute to their team scores equally, just like any one of the five players on the basketball court can score on any property. However, only the batter has the opportunity to score any score, similar to how only one basketball player can shoot the ball at any time.

The rule that a run is earned to run once extended to infinity. If Batsmen A and B manage to run all the way up and all the way back, their team scores two runs. If they can run hundreds of times, their team will earn hundreds of runs.

In fact, there is a limit to how many physical batsmen can run 22 yards before the fielding team gets the ball from the restricted range, so it is uncommon to see batsmen run even four times. (Cricket legends are full of funny stories from previous years of people running batsmen dozens and even hundreds of times running like surfers looking for a lost ball in long grass, or taking one ax to chop down the tree.

The fisherman can also gain points by hitting the ball to the boundary at the perimeter of the field. If the ball hits the boundary, touch the ground at least once, the team hits four runs. If the ball is hit all the boundaries (like a baseball run), that’s six runs. This is simply called ‘four’ and six ‘. The batsmen do not need to run to earn the score, unlike in baseball, where a player must round the grounds after socking a dinger.

The player can also gain points by hitting the ball to the boundary at the perimeter of the field. If the ball hits the boundary, touch the ground at least once, the team hits four runs. If the ball is hit all the boundaries (like a baseball run), that’s six runs. This is simply called ‘four’ and six ‘. The batsmen do not need to run to earn the score, unlike in baseball, where a player must round the grounds after socking a dinger.

On the other hand, the delivery may not take action. Batsmen can choose not to hit the ball and drop it harmlessly to the wicket holder or can choose to hit the ball with their own but then don’t run. This is unlike baseball, where the players have to run on the ball directly.

Complete Guide to Understanding Cricket (Part 2)

Like baseball, who provides the ball to the batter, but, most importantly, the batter must give the ball with a straight arm. Therefore, throwing is not allowed; The supplier must deliver the ball in a windmill action. The ball bounced back on the field once before reaching the batsman hitman. There is no restriction on the batting style allowed, but the traditional stance is similar to a baseball stance, but with bats held at the hip level with the end towards the wicket holder.

Cricket ball is made of leather, which is hard rock, and will leave a fair bruise. Batsmen wear pads on both legs, a thigh, a cup (or a ‘box’, as they are called wording), gloves and helmets. In a marvelous illustration of the importance of priorities, the box was worn to protect men’s gems from the dawn of the game in the 16th century, while helmets were not worn. to protect their skulls until the 1970s.

Play Ball

The bowling player runs to the end of the yard and throws the ball on the attacking bowlman, who stands at the other end of the yard, defending his truss. The batsman batter tries to hit the ball into the vacant area anywhere in the 360-degree field, to run the score.

The bowling player runs to the end of the yard and throws the ball on the attacking bowlman, who stands at the other end of the yard, defending his truss. The batsman batter tries to hit the ball into the vacant area anywhere in the 360-degree field, to run the score.

If Batsman A hit the ball to a remote and empty area, two batsmen could – but were not forced to run from the back of the yard to the other, passing by each other as they went. If both have successful results from one end to the next without a local team attacking with spheres, a blow is added to the team’s score, as well as with Batsman A’s personal score (but not with Batsman B’s own point). Now, Batsman B is on strike, and the next ball will be thrown at him, while Batsman A stands at the end of the midfielder.