The Cricket World Cup match that inspire a whole generation (Part 2)

Since the end of the 2005 Crime series, one of the most exciting and lengthy contests between England and Australia, cricket has been shown on Sky TV in the UK.

For many British sports fans, the 2005 series is still one of the best examples of sports competition. It’s a chain that has blocked the country, a competition that has inspired the generation of cricket players and the next supporters, a semi-final moment in the country’s sporting history.

The England team marched on the streets of London on an open bus with thousands queuing up to catch a glimpse of the players who toyed with their emotions in an emotional summer.

The British cricket team rode on an open double-decker bus after winning the 2005 Crime.

Those players, like Andrew Flintoff, Kevin Pietersen and Steve Harmison, have gone into folklore. Michael Vaughan, captain of England in 2005, told many people when he said the series inspired a generation of children. It was a definite time.

And here England stood again. On the verge of glory, of sports immortality. However, for many who are not familiar with cricket, Jason Roy’s name, one of the most explosive bats in world cricket and Jofra Archer, a great talented archer, may not be very familiar. .

Most people who can’t watch Sky or wake up on highlights on the terrestrial television, watched the online clip and listened to BBC Test Match Special radio, a major part of English summer for fans. cricket cricket.

Jofra Archer of England celebrates taking Australia’s Aaron Finch wick in the semifinals.

According to the International Cricket Council, the World Cup has approached a unique audience of 20 million people in the UK through coverage and Sky highlights are displayed on Channel 4.

Statistics provided by ICC show that England’s victory over Edgbaston is the most watched cricket match in the UK in all formats since 2006. The only audience of 3.45 million has been achieved on Sky Sports. with an audience of up to 1.8 million in India’s second match.

The Cricket World Cup match that inspire a whole generation (Part 1)

In most English summer, the focus is on the World Cup, not the World Cup on the English coast.

The run to the semi-finals of the tournament broke all kinds of records, especially broadcast figures with 28.1 million viewers on British television.

The player has become the household name. People like Ellen White, Lucy Bronze, Nikita Parris and Steph Houghton, were on the front and back pages of newspapers, their names were placed around in pubs and bars, while radio phones were besieged by those who have been besieged inspired by their accomplishments.

England’s Jonny Bairstow enjoyed an excellent World Cup Cricket. However, away from the limelight, another England team went on its own to dominate the world.

England’s Cricketer will go to the field at Lord’s on Sunday to face New Zealand in its first Cricket World Cup final in 27 years.

It was a respectable achievement for a party that four years ago was embarrassed and humiliated at the 2015 World Cup. He never won the tournament, even though it reached the final in three separate times, the last time in 1992 when it was defeated by Pakistan.

Its semi-final victory over the defending Australian champions is brutal and brilliant, placing it in front and center of the news and sports world, on the front and back pages of newspapers and blowing vitality.

‘Community consciousness’

Finally, after six weeks and 48 matches, the country wakes up with an ongoing competition in its own backyard. Finally, it leaves the cricket sphere, and jumps into a sense of community.

Jason Roy of England was a prominent star at Cricket World Cup.

Almost immediately it was announced the final will be shown on free television – the first time an international UK will be shown on British terrestrial television for 14 years.

Cricket coach Trevor Bayliss has done his final mission at England

Trevor Bayliss will return to coaching in the Indian Premier League after trying to regain the Ashes in his final mission with England.

Bayliss, 56, agreed to a deal with Hyderabad Sunrisers for 2020 after stating in January 2018 that he will not extend his England coaching time after four years ending in September.

Australia Bayliss, who was hunted by Andrew Strauss in early 2015, achieved incredible success in terms of the limited role in particular – He made it to the World Twenty20 final in 2016 and progressed better than How to declare a World Cup trophy girl over 50 on Sunday evening last week. But that was always his intention to switch to the Twenty20 circuit, previously spent four years in charge of Sri Lanka.

Many brands were made for him by the IPL franchise, and he is known to have received an offer from the Knights of Kolkata, which he led two previous titles in. His coaching career, and Rajasthan Royals, where Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler and Jofra Archer played but chose to go to Hyderabad, where he will be reunited with Jonny Bairstow plus the stars opposing David David and Kane Williamson.

Bayliss is also willing to take on two other short-term training jobs at the opening Hundred competition next year and the Big Bash Federation (which he won with Sydney Sixers eight years ago).

However, his immediate thoughts would be to devise a strategy to regain the vessel from Australia’s grasp in the last two months of his ECB contract.

The ruin of 2019 began at Edgbaston on August 1, just five days after the historic Lord’s Trial versus Ireland was expected to end. He replaced fellow countryman Tom Moody in the city of Hyderabad; a series of five ended play-offs and a 2016 tournament victory was not enough to earn Moody’s the eighth season in charge.

Bayliss agreed to join the Sunrisers Hyderabad next year after succeeding in the UK

Ironically, despite Pakistan’s Pakistani South African trainer, Mickey Arthur leading a series of overseas candidates to succeed Bayliss, the ECB made Moody’s shortlist for its top job. They are in the past and he can return to anticipation again.

However, British CEO Ashley Giles is understood to support the appointment of a British, meaning that promotion for Chris Silverwood is still the most appropriate way to act.

How to watch Cricket World Cup 2019 on mobile devices and PC?

India is receiving Australia at Kia Oval in the 14th match of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 on Sunday. India won their opening match against South Africa easily, while Australia participated in the game to win their opening match against Afghanistan and the West Indies.

India vs. Australia is arguably the most anticipated clash of the 2019 World Cup so far, and teams will be playing in front of a cramped house. India won the first pitch and decision of the bat, with Virat Kohli’s men hoping to bring a large total to the ship in the high voltage clash. Neutral people will hope for a tight competition in the Indian vs Australian match, with many side-by-side encounters already available in ICC Cricket World Cup 2019.

The World Cup cricket will take place in a month and a half when all 10 teams – Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and West Indies are the other eight teams – playing together to determine the winner.

The top four will advance to the semi-finals and you know how it will happen later. If you are not lucky enough to come to England, you will probably join Pakistan game with West Indies and the rest of Cricket World Cup 2019 from the living room chair – or at the office. We are not here to judge. Actually, we’re just trying to make it easier for you.

Depending on which part of the world you live in, this is how you can watch live matches India vs Australia and the rest of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019.

On May 29, the tournament was officially launched, also known as the opening, at The Mall, in front of Buckingham Palace in central London.

The entire tournament will be broadcast on Star Sports and you can also stream all matches on Hotstar.

Imran Khan: From cricket star to Pakistani Prime Minister (Part 3)

The playboy

Born into a conditional Pashtun family in Lahore, Khan was able to attend prestigious local schools, before arriving in England. In 1972, he joined the prestigious Oxford school, studying philosophy, politics and economics. Here, he started playing cricket in the school team.

Despite graduating from college with a good degree, Imran Khan has decided to follow the path of a professional cricket player, starting to protect the national flag of Pakistan National Team since 1976.

Not only famous for his talent on the cricket pitch, Khan’s captain was known as a loyal playboy in Pakistan as well as in London. Women in life have a great influence on him as cricket. Although the family wanted Khan to marry a traditional Pakistani woman, in 1995 (at the age of 43) he was astonished when he married 21-year-old Jemima Goldsmith, the daughter of a big British capitalist.

Needless to say, Jemima is very popular in London’s elite, often appearing in magazines and also a friend of Princess Diana (who was also in a relationship with a famous Pakistani doctor).

In response to the fierce reactions in his homeland, both spouses find ways to appease public opinion: they return to Pakistan, Jemima converted to Islam, took her husband’s name and began living according to local principles. Khan himself then walked into the political school.

The shocking marriage lasted for 9 years. In 2004, Jemima brought two children back to London, claiming he could not get used to life in Pakistan. Khan’s ex-wife returned to the magazine covers, having a new relationship with the famous actor Hugh Grant.

And Imran Khan sought to build a new public image: wearing traditional national clothes regularly, talking about faith, the supreme being, etc. His second marriage to a television reporter Reham Khan in 2015 only lasted 10 months.

But the next marriage in early 2018 by Pakistani playboy was as noticeable as his first affair. It was Bushra Maneka, a woman nearly 50 years old, who had five children from her first marriage. Bushra is famous as a mystic woman who strictly adhering to religious laws.

Khan also publicly stated that she was his spiritual teacher, and he would not make any important decisions without her consent. In photos taken with her husband, Bushra always wore a veil, representing a pious Muslim wife.

Basic information you should know about cricket

What game is Cricket?

In the world today, we can see there are too many detractors, and human beings always give out many things to serve life when they have devised many entertainment games to the end of the football betting. There are other

The cause here is both entertaining and above all but still exercising. I myself think who makes a ball is considered great, so of course they are honored as well as the whole of humanity.

Although it created the first ball, it now developed hundreds of sports games, from playing very easy to very difficult, from using hands to using feet, words playing on the shore until down in the water.

As a subject, there will be 11 players in both teams and divided into 2 games. Each game will be divided into 11 small sessions. In each small session there will be 2 types of players from 2 teams.

A team of people will throw the ball and another person uses a stick to hit the ball. Behind the batter will be a three-cylinder, simply understood as having three wooden sticks to plug into the ground and there will be two types of wood ingots above.

Funny stories have not stopped there, the two sides must take turns running back and forth, the more they run, the higher the score will be.

Many of the team players they threw had to catch the ball returned to the opponent. After that, it will continue to play nostalgic and until it is removed, the remaining 10 players in the yard will be replaced as well.

The reason to be eliminated is when three wooden sticks in the back have fallen, or have caught the ball when the ball has not reached the ground or the players who polished them have cheated, took the meat and covered the three sticks.

Cricket and Traditional Tournament “The Ashes” Summer In Australia (part 3)

In cricket, a defensive team player throws a small ball towards the player who bounces off the attacking team and during the ball rolling on the field after being hit, the team of the attacking team will run to the specified positions to score points.

Meanwhile, the defense team also showed a pitcher player called “Bowler” whose task was to throw the ball from the top position of the “pitch” to the opposite end so that the ball hit the ground to hit and hit “Wicket”. Moreover, there is the only player to wear a glove called “Wicket Keeper”, standing behind the position of the “Wicket” column to capture the ball and the other 9 players scattered in circular positions on the field called “Fielder”.

Every time “Bowler” throws a ball, the attacking team’s attacking team called “Batsman” aims to throw the ball and the case hits the ball away and both players bounce at the same time and will run back and forth between the two. Position the “pitch” from the distance of the two lines “Popping Crease” to calculate the score by the number of runs. Each time you start the “pitch” from the beginning of the pitch, it is counted as a “Run”.

Besides, if the ball hit the ground and rolled out of the edge of the field, it will be counted as “4 runs” and if the ball is thrown high up, it will be counted as “6 runs”. If the players finish the ball and run but do not keep up the level of “Popping Crease” while the defensive team has taken the ball and thrown it into the “pitch” area, it will be counted “out”, ie eliminated. Therefore, if the ball is finished but feels unsafe at the distance, “Batsman” can stay still and wait for the opportunity at the next swing.

The cricket star died because of being hit by the ball

The Australian cricket player, Phillip Hughes, was unable to survive after being hit by a strong shot at the beginning of a match.

The bad news came to sports in general and cricket in particular when Phillip Hughes of Australia died at Sydney’s St Vincent Hospital. The player was brought into the emergency room after being hit by a cricket ball with very strong force on the head.

Phillip Hughes died at the age of 25 and he was known as a talented cricket player. The rare and heart-breaking accident occurred during the match between New South Wales and South Australia under the Australian national cricket tournament on Tuesday. The player threw the cricket ball was Sean Abbott of New South Wales.

Phillip Hughes was loved by many fans

In that situation, Sean Abbott threw the cricket ball to the ground and bounced across Phillip Hughes’s head. The 25-year-old should have used a stick to knock the ball away but he could not react and could not use the stick to catch the ball. With very strong momentum, the ball hit Hughes’s back and he collapsed on the field.

The medical staff immediately entered the first aid yard for Hughes. The player was then transferred directly to the hospital with an ambulance helicopter. Despite being treated by doctors, Hughes was unable to survive because of the severe injury.

The Australian cricket federation had also confirmed this information with the press. Phillip Hughes’s relatives, friends, and teammates were by his side in a moment of grief. They all expressed remorse for a young, talented player in the world of cricket.

Cricket is a game that is full of suspense because the players have to run a lot and hit the ball quite correctly. Accidents in this sport happen sometimes.

Imran Khan: From cricket star to Pakistani Prime Minister (Part 2)

Multi-nuanced characters

In the opinion of experts, the emergence of a new character like Khan breaks the two-party monopoly but unlikely to bring long-term stability to Pakistan itself, even it would become more unpredictable. The truth is that during the 22 years of political activity, the “new savior of the nation” (hopefully by many people) has constantly changed many styles, nuances, and even contradictions.

New Prime Minister Imran Khan was first known to Pakistan for sure because of cricket. The cricket – ruled by the British colonialists in the Hindustan peninsula – has long been not only a popular sport but has actually become a religion in this area, even exceed football.

While Imran Khan who was the captain of Pakistan’s national cricket team won the world championship in 1992 (for the first time and until now it is still the only) after overcoming the descendants of colonial gunmen once ruled his country before, and was the inventor of this sport from the British National Team.

The moment of this historic victory is celebrated by Pakistanis as a second day of independence. The portrait of the captain was present throughout the office walls of government agencies, private companies, large stores, and even small shops from Karachi to Peshawar. Politicians scramble to approach Khan, trying to attract the captain to their side.

At the time of the 1990s, a political career seemed to have been placed on this intelligent and ambitious athlete. At the same time when the press was competing to predict which Khan party would join, he suddenly followed a different path – philanthropy. In 1994, the world champion mobilized money to build in Lahore (Pakistan’s second largest city with 11 million people) a cancer treatment hospital for the first civilians.

Imran Khan officially embarked on politics in 1996, but in a way no one would have expected. He announced the establishment of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party in the hope of representing the ambition of youth innovation, becoming a symbol of a new Pakistan.

Traditional cricket tournament “The Ashes” in Australia (part 2)

Currently, the original ash pot is still stored at London’s Marylebone Cricket Club Museum, while Australia and Britain annually compete for Waterford’s Crystal-made model trophy.

This is the official Ashes trophy from the 1998-1999 season. Also because of this trophy, their teams and support groups, including the Barmy Army in England and Fanatics in Australia, had to go across the ocean every year to take over. Each of the Ashes competes in 5 games with two innings per match and is applied according to the usual rules for international match cricket (Test Match).

Cricket is a sport that competes in a form of pitching and bouncing a ball between two teams, each team consisting of 11 players, which is quite similar to baseball and takes place on a circular field, which has a radius of about 70m called “oval”. Cricket has its origins in the United Kingdom around the middle of the 16th century and is widely spread in Commonwealth of nations.

Currently, cricket is a popular sport in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, especially in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Jamaica etc.

In England alone, Cricket with Rugby are two sports for the elite and become the official subject of physical education at all private schools. In addition, according to statistics, Cricket is ranked second in the world after the Bridge in terms of training numbers due to the large number of Indians who love this sport that has accounted for more than half.

“One Day Cricket” is a very attractive and popular form of competition because it includes most of the details and basic characteristics of cricket.

Before fighting in the form of “One Day International“, two teams will make a visit by selecting a coin toss to select the attacking team and the defensive team. After that, the offensive team will appoint two players to squash the ball at the top of the “pitch” area, a rectangular strip of land with a circumference of 21.34mX3.66m, which is designed in the middle of the field. Each end of the “pitch” section has three 71cm tall wooden bars, each called a “stump” and in the upper middle of the three “stump” distances there are two pieces of wood called “bail”. More generally, these nouns are referred to as “Wicket” or “three pillars”.