Most Handsome Cricketers (part 3)

6. Brett Lee

T20I debut: 17 February 2005

Bowling: Right-arm fast

ODI debut: 9 January 2000 

Test debut: 26 December 1999

Spouse: Lana Anderson, Elizabeth Kemp

Born: 8 November 1976 in Wollongong, Australia

He is the enigmatic and super adorable cricket player in Australia. The charming and fascinating look of this man wins over the heart of a lot of girls. He is regarded as being among the sexiest players from the cricket fraternity. Other than his cricket career, he makes one dynamic entry in singing, modeling as well as acting. During his international career, he was recognized as being among the fastest bowlers in the cricket world along with Shoaib Akhtar. Following his retirement from cricket, this player has commentated on the cricket field. He has made the debut against Pakistan from 2000. He also joined the IPL group for Punjab Kings XI for his first three consecutive years as well as later joining the Kolkata Knight Riders group.

7. Brendon McCullam

 ODI debut: 17 January 2002

Test debut: 10 March 2004

Country: New Zealand

Spouse: Ellissa McCullum

Born: 27 September 1981 in Dunedin.

He plays for the New Zealand team of cricket, who has one stunning personality and one killer style to make every girl go crazy over. He is also one famous player in the IPL group of Kolkata Knight Riders. This man made the triple century against India from Wellington. He is one unbeatable player with big talent since his appearance in the crease is likely to make anybody not possible to look away. He makes himself one of the best keepers as well as best batsmen in the century thus far.

8. AB Devilliers

 T20I debut: 24 February 2006

Test debut: 17 December 2004 

ODI debut: 2 February 2005

Born: 17 February 1984 in Bela-Bela, South Africa

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