Most Handsome Cricketers (part 2)

3. Kevin Pietersen

  • Test debut: 21 July 2005 
  • ODI debut: 28 November 2004
  • T20I debut: 13 June 2005 
  • Born: 27 June 1980, in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

He is definitely among the world of sports’ hottest-hunky cricketers. His build, style, looks, sophistication add to the charm and glow. He was one consistent run scorer for England prior to controversial issues resulting in his ouster from the team.

He is one right-handed batsman as well as occasional off spin bowler playing test cricket for England during 2005 and 2014.

4. Shahid Afridi

  • ODI debut: 2 October 1996
  • Test debut: 22 October 1998
  • T20I debut: 28 August 2006
  • Born: 1 March 1980, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
  • Spouse: Nadia Afridi

He is known as Boom Boom. He is famous for his look and style. This man has not only style but also a charming personality. He played for the Pakistan team as well as batting with style and vigor. This man has high strength as well as the great ability to play for the team under high pressure. All of them made him one of the greatest cricketers.

5. Michael Clarke 

  • Test debut: 6 October 2004 
  • ODI debut: 19 January 2003
  • T20I debut: 17 February 2005
  • Born: 2 April 1981, in Liverpool, Australia
  • Spouse: Kyly Clarke 

He is one fantastic former Australian Test cricketer, one man with the most charismatic as well as charming look in this cricket industry. Other than being attractive, he has a strong leadership competency in cricket, with one average batting score of over 50. He is one man of elegance, sobriety, as well as durability in the cricket field. He made the entry into the world of cricket when being against England in Adelaide from 2003. Michael Clarke has played with immense composure and patience during his ODI debut.

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