Most Handsome Cricketers (part 1)

Today people have been crazy for sportspeople compared to any other actresses or actors. They have always had their irresistible charm – the charisma that they carry with them other than their hot looks. Many cricket lovers that you meet may admit to having an avid love with cricketers. Emotions can run high during matches – generally, the more runs, the more intensely they love cricketers. The way that they hit the ball, how they catch, and how they carry, as well as looks, matters a lot to today’s new generation of girls and women.

Cricket is not only limited to the match ground that bowling, fielding, and batting is only connected but also has become one sport of fame, charm, success, and glamour. Below we have gathered updated information of hottest cricketers out there.

1. Virat Kohli

– Country: India

– Born: 5 November 1988

– ODI debut: 18 August 2008

– Test debut: 20 June 2011

– T20I debut: 12 June 2010

He is the Indian Cricket team’s most handsome cricket player. He was tagged as India’s most eligible bachelor. He made the first ODI in 2008 against Sri Lanka. He is the Indian cricket team’s captain and in Royal Challengers Bangalore in IPL. This man has acquired not only fame but also name recently and married to Anushka Sharma – a popular Bollywood actress on 11 December 2017. Following Sachin and Dhoni, he is India’s leading player.

2. Alastair Cook

– Country: England

– Born: 25 December 1984 

– Test debut: 1 March 2006

– ODI debut: 28 June 2006 

– T20I debut: 28 June 2007

He is one English cricketer. As one left-handed opening batsman, Alastair is one former captain of the ODI teams and England Test. He is handsome with a charming look. This man has a genuinely killer looks as well as attracting many of the girls towards him.

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