Koreans eagerly await the return of baseball

The baseball season in Korea also took place, but in a special way, in accordance with the rules of social gap. Instead of letting the audience fill the cheering stands as usual. The organizers have packed banners with pictures of fans. They want to motivate the players.

The President also mentioned that the annual professional baseball tournament opening ceremony will be held. They hope that the sport that many Koreans love will be a source of encouragement for people to relieve stress during the series of fighting Covid-19.

According to the President of Korea, the opening ceremony of the “Covid-19” tournament attracted the attention of the world. The US and Japan also bought the copyright and broadcast the event live. The President affirmed that over here, Korea has shown to the world that Koreans have strictly implemented the epidemic room. But they still have moments of relaxation with sports.

This is a brand new tournament in Korea, being broadcast by both the US and Japan for the present. Virtually no sports tournament in the world is broadcast live, making sports channels very content-hungry. At this tournament, fans can interact online with the cheerleaders and players via a large screen.

Even the traditional field has a new look. Instead of a regular pitch, a child player stood in a giant transparent baseball walking towards the catcher. The tournament was supposed to boost the morale of the players and increase interaction with the audience mid-season.

The LA Dodgers Korean soccer player Ryu Hyun-jin made his first win at Major League Baseball. Ryu Hyun-jin has signed on to play for the US team LA Dodgers for a salary of $ 36 million over six years. This result is obtained after the two sides have negotiated for about a month.

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