Indian cricket – there have been too much injuries (part 2)

Now the most appropriate question for you is why is any of these personal injury cases among Indian participants becoming so sudden rambling?

The physiotherapy team and experts have commented that the injured participants often do not have enough time and sleep to restore health. That’s because Indian cricket schedules are burdened with global outfits. India plays cricket around the world more than some other parts of the world.

For example, the last 12 months begin with the final year of community glass cricket towards the end of India’s previous Melbourne trip. The 2007 ODI planet cricket tournament took place from March 14 to April in India and Melbourne’s 28th previous event ended on March 4, 2008, among participants between India never Appreciate relaxation throughout the month with cricket extension.

The world cup ended on the 28th and the 28th Indian team returned from To the west Indies to start a trip to Bangladesh to try 3 days 1 and 2 analytical suits starting October 10.

Right After returning from your visit to Bangladesh, the Indian crew had to hurry to Fantastic Britain to play against Ireland, the South then, Scotland, Africa and Pakistan England. The two-year long journey of full difficulty and 50% ended on September 8. From London, the group had to fly to South Africa to participate in the first twenty20 planet cup tournament from 11 to 24 September.

Returning from the South African Dhoni men has been used around the world a modern day australia a champion to get an additional twenty20 and seven matches The ODI Collection is played from the 29th September to October 17. After that, up to five difficult ODI supplement collections and three additional test sequences against rival Pakistani rivals stretching from November 5 to December 12.

In December, the Indian team was required to live again, now for Australia to battle the world champions for an additional collection of analysis starting from December 26, then the match.

There is no break time for your athletes for up to 6 months possible. In the event that the country’s top ranked athletes from your 20-25 group are being used in various matches with caution and substitution, it is possible to expect that physical difficulties And injuries can be handled effectively.

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