Indian cricket – there have been too much injuries (part 1)

By the end of the year, the number of injuries to Indian team players is increasing rapidly. In recent times, we have seen instances where experienced players were eliminated on their overseas excursions that hide damage, only appearing during enjoyment. This has occupied the team’s position in a precarious position in the middle of the tour a number of times requiring SOS replacement needs at home.

Athletes know fully that they will only aggravate some persistent pain or persistent damage, if they do not allow it to sleep properly. If they continue to play video games with persistent wounds, they are also fully aware that they will risk their own personal involvement in existence.

Exactly why then did Indian crickets cover up their wounds and potentially risk joining the group nationwide? Is it the pure love of video games or getting rid of patriotism, causing these people to take this opportunity? May be low! Perhaps this is the appeal of lucre. Perhaps that is the fear of being transformed inside the employee.

Nowadays, everyone knows that a lot of money is involved in cricket abroad and actively playing for that national team does not merely allow cricket players to receive a weighted payment package from BCCI‘s you, a regional region across the country, also guarantees cash-related advertising commitments.

Most gamers are well aware that the level of competition is quite good, although after that, people will not have a positive barrier, of course a person like Sachin Tendulkar even after being absent in some games. Due to injuries, that position will remain protected in the staff.

In the event that the alternate player performed correctly, the original player may have difficulty creating the resume again. Obsessed with this concern, the player hides his wound and tries to continue with it as long as it can be achieved.

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