Imran Khan: From cricket star to Pakistani Prime Minister (Part 5)

Being contented by everybody

So what is the secret of Mr. Khan’s success after so many years of failure? “Khan always acts very flexibly, looking for the” third way “to the finish line, demonstrating excellence in front of voters of the two main parties. Now it’s hard to say when he was honest, when he wasn’t. But, it seems that the military considers him a promising figure, ”a veteran Pakistani reporter remarked.

The comments may be different, but the same general opinion: behind the Prime Minister’s back is the support of the generals. Until now, the underground power of Pakistan’s military is still an indisputable fact. The fate of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is a prime example.

A famous politician who has served as prime minister three times has been accused of corruption just before the election – all because he has damaged relations with the military. Consequently, in addition to resigning, Sharif received a 10-year sentence. Apart from the powerful generals, no one can easily disable an old and famous politician like Nawaz Sharif.

Khan’s post-election statements are gaining traction among voters, even though they are just promises. First, Mr. Khan pledged his willingness to help investigate all allegations of fraud and corruption in the election. Above all, he showed great determination to reform the country under the slogan of innovation in his campaign platform.

“Our 25 million children are not being able to go to school,” Khan declared when introducing his action plan. “Our women die in childbirth, because we cannot guarantee them the best.” basic health care, we can’t help people have enough clean water to drink … A country is judged not by how rich people are living, but by making sure the poor earn enough for living. A country cannot be prosperous with only a small island of rich people and an ocean of poor people ”.

Mr. Khan outlined several key priorities in his upcoming action plan: a government that aims to serve ordinary people, all of whom are legally responsible, new jobs for young people, support farms, focus resources for development, reduce government spending.

The new prime minister also intends to stay at the government mansion, which is one of the most famous buildings in Islamabad: “Our government will decide what to do with the prime minister’s building. I myself feel ashamed to live in such a large building. It will be converted into a school or something like that. ”

Pakistan’s new prime minister is ready to develop cooperation with Afghanistan and Iran, with the US intending to “build mutually beneficial, not unilateral” relations. “If they take one step towards us, we will take two steps,” Khan promised, expressing his desire to develop relations with a traditional regional rival, India.

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