Imran Khan: From cricket star to Pakistani Prime Minister (Part 4)

“Cricket ball” on the political arena

The changes in family life – from a noble wife to a Muslim devotee – also seem to reflect Khan’s changes, from a lone player to a major ambitious rulers. Of course, the road from a cricket player to a peak of power is not easy.

The Tehreek-e-Insaf party founded by Imran Khan met with a disastrous defeat in the first election campaign in 1997 with only 1.7% of the vote.

After the fourth military coup with General Musharraf taking power in 1999, Khan quickly moved to the opposition. “Musharraf is undermining our democracy through the so-called” war on terror … Musharraf is just a puppet to implement the American agenda “, politician Imran Khan has publicly declared so in an effort to find voters’ votes.

This tactic did not help much in the 2002 election (organized under the control of the military), Tehreek-e-Insaf received only 0.8% of the vote, meaning a seat in Congress.

As Muslim ideas gradually became more popular in Pakistan, Khan was noted to tend toward the Islamic artillery parties. However, his views were judged to be dizzying – when he condemned extremism, then supported the law of religious worship; when it comes to the military, at other times it is associated with Muslim priests against them. Khan’s speech is increasingly revealing anti-Western and American accents.

“It was a good guy who stepped into the political arena. Something he flew back and forth like a cricket ball, ”said many politicians in Pakistan, commenting on the opinion of the new Prime Minister Imran Khan.

However, a surprise broke out in the 2013 election, when Tehreek-e-Insaf finished third with 27 seats in parliament. It was the perfect step forward for the next five-year victory with Imran Khan officially becoming Prime Minister at age 65, leaving behind a 22-year journey of tireless struggles.

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