Imran Khan: From cricket star to Pakistani Prime Minister (Part 3)

The playboy

Born into a conditional Pashtun family in Lahore, Khan was able to attend prestigious local schools, before arriving in England. In 1972, he joined the prestigious Oxford school, studying philosophy, politics and economics. Here, he started playing cricket in the school team.

Despite graduating from college with a good degree, Imran Khan has decided to follow the path of a professional cricket player, starting to protect the national flag of Pakistan National Team since 1976.

Not only famous for his talent on the cricket pitch, Khan’s captain was known as a loyal playboy in Pakistan as well as in London. Women in life have a great influence on him as cricket. Although the family wanted Khan to marry a traditional Pakistani woman, in 1995 (at the age of 43) he was astonished when he married 21-year-old Jemima Goldsmith, the daughter of a big British capitalist.

Needless to say, Jemima is very popular in London’s elite, often appearing in magazines and also a friend of Princess Diana (who was also in a relationship with a famous Pakistani doctor).

In response to the fierce reactions in his homeland, both spouses find ways to appease public opinion: they return to Pakistan, Jemima converted to Islam, took her husband’s name and began living according to local principles. Khan himself then walked into the political school.

The shocking marriage lasted for 9 years. In 2004, Jemima brought two children back to London, claiming he could not get used to life in Pakistan. Khan’s ex-wife returned to the magazine covers, having a new relationship with the famous actor Hugh Grant.

And Imran Khan sought to build a new public image: wearing traditional national clothes regularly, talking about faith, the supreme being, etc. His second marriage to a television reporter Reham Khan in 2015 only lasted 10 months.

But the next marriage in early 2018 by Pakistani playboy was as noticeable as his first affair. It was Bushra Maneka, a woman nearly 50 years old, who had five children from her first marriage. Bushra is famous as a mystic woman who strictly adhering to religious laws.

Khan also publicly stated that she was his spiritual teacher, and he would not make any important decisions without her consent. In photos taken with her husband, Bushra always wore a veil, representing a pious Muslim wife.

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