Imran Khan: From cricket star to Pakistani Prime Minister (Part 2)

Multi-nuanced characters

In the opinion of experts, the emergence of a new character like Khan breaks the two-party monopoly but unlikely to bring long-term stability to Pakistan itself, even it would become more unpredictable. The truth is that during the 22 years of political activity, the “new savior of the nation” (hopefully by many people) has constantly changed many styles, nuances, and even contradictions.

New Prime Minister Imran Khan was first known to Pakistan for sure because of cricket. The cricket – ruled by the British colonialists in the Hindustan peninsula – has long been not only a popular sport but has actually become a religion in this area, even exceed football.

While Imran Khan who was the captain of Pakistan’s national cricket team won the world championship in 1992 (for the first time and until now it is still the only) after overcoming the descendants of colonial gunmen once ruled his country before, and was the inventor of this sport from the British National Team.

The moment of this historic victory is celebrated by Pakistanis as a second day of independence. The portrait of the captain was present throughout the office walls of government agencies, private companies, large stores, and even small shops from Karachi to Peshawar. Politicians scramble to approach Khan, trying to attract the captain to their side.

At the time of the 1990s, a political career seemed to have been placed on this intelligent and ambitious athlete. At the same time when the press was competing to predict which Khan party would join, he suddenly followed a different path – philanthropy. In 1994, the world champion mobilized money to build in Lahore (Pakistan’s second largest city with 11 million people) a cancer treatment hospital for the first civilians.

Imran Khan officially embarked on politics in 1996, but in a way no one would have expected. He announced the establishment of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party in the hope of representing the ambition of youth innovation, becoming a symbol of a new Pakistan.

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