How to be motivated even when you’re not in the mood – go to cricket

Perhaps everyone knows how hard it is to maintain motivation… I went to cricket.

I have developed a method that I will share with you right now to help people stay motivated even when they are not interested. I have played baseball for 17 years, mostly in the pitching position. In the final season, I was selected to be the best team, honored to receive the typical male athlete of the university.

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Just a few years ago, in the team that went from high school, I was the only one eliminated. After that, I had to play for the second team for the next time, until I got back to the starting lineup thanks to the good training results.

One thing that makes baseball different from other sports is the number of matches. In Major League Baseball, each team has to play 162 games a season, twice as many as the NBA or several times the NFL. Even high school teams have to play 40-60 matches a year.

vWith such a dense density, there will always be days when your body is tired, or your mind does not want to head to the game anymore. For that reason, I say baseball is very similar to life, when there are times when the things that matter to me become a burden.

This boot process takes about 20-25 minutes, and before every match I do the same.

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The warm-up exercise not only helped me warm my body, but more importantly, also put me in the best mental state to play. Even before I wasn’t excited, after I started the game, I felt ready for the game ahead.

Pay attention to the experts in every field, you will see they have their own habits. An NBA athlete always makes the same gestures every time he throws a penalty, a comedian always says the same thing every time he goes on stage. Or a morning project always has a meeting before starting a working day.

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