Guides on being a batsman (part 3)

Refining The Batting Skills


You should follow through with the swing. A decent follow-through is significant, especially if you desire to hit your ball far. You need to follow through the whole swing, even when you miss your ball. It will help you form the habit of following through on the swings all the time.


Be sure you remain calm when you bat. Otherwise, you can be thrown off your game and make mistakes. It would be best if you practiced regulating the breathing as well as visualizing the ball’s trajectory as it leaves the hands of the bowler.


Swing your cricket bat in the mirror for perfecting the swing. Before practicing with a ball, you can try to make your swing perfect in front of one mirror, which is known as the shadow cricket as well. Seeing yourself will enable you to understand what necessary adjustments to make to enhance your stance as well as swing.

It would help if you made adjustments to the stance when noticing that you are doing it improperly.


Practice your batting by yourself with one tennis ball. You can throw one ball down on the ground as well as hitting it after it bounces. Doing so will emulate one full pitch or one pitch which lands in front of you. Also, it will help you practice your swinging when you do not have someone else to practice with.


Also, drill with the team as much as you can. The best way of getting better at becoming a batsman is your active practice with the team. Attempt to attend training. You should drill game scenarios as well as hitting as much as you can so that you can be ready when the game time comes.

Do not forget to take the advice of your coach. Good luck!

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