Guides on being a batsman (part 1)

If you desire to hit your balls in cricket consistently, you should know the proper technique when being up at bat. As soon as you master the batting grip and stance, you can begin refining your hitting technique through deciding on how your ball will bounce as well as what kind of hit you need to use. If you work hard and actively try and enhance your technique, you can better your hitting average as well as becoming a great batsman.

Holding your Bat and Standing Appropriately


Stand sideways towards the bowler (note that your feet have a shoulder-width apart). You will stand sideways in front of wickets with the knees bent, and the head turned to the bowler. Also, bend at the hips but keep the back straight. The non-dominant elbow needs to point in the bowler’s direction since you hold the bat.

Remember, do not let the shoulders drop. Keep them straight when you’re batting. Plus, stay on your feet’s ball while you’re hitting. Also, the shoulders and eyes should be level. Always keep the eyes on the ball.


Hold your bat tight using both hands. The lead or non-dominant hand should be over the bat’s grip’s end. Hold it tightly. The dominant hand need to be below it using a loose two-finger as well as a thumb grip. Both hands need to be close together. Also, the paddle needs to feel comfortable in the hands.


Create a line in the turf that the middle wicket is. Creating a line in the turf in which the middle wicket is may be known as developing a guard and will provide you with some awareness to the place the wickets are positioned when you’re batting. Put your bat’s tip in the turf and create a line. Try it!

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