Cricket in Afghanistan – the land of the dead (Part 2)

In a country where 70% of the population is under 30 years old like Afghanistan, a parallel development of literacy and cricket is essential. It helps children understand more about national solidarity.

I am working with the Ministry of Education to bring cricket to schools, and instead of building training centers, parents just need to get their children to school.” Having spent 3 months in England, home to cricket and attended the training of young athletes in 2007, Nabi was very impressed with what this sport has to offer.

So even though the Afghan cricket team has been born for less than a decade, they have achieved certain success, such as reaching the top 50 in the world.

The most significant step forward is the first time participating in the 2015 World Cup. Although it is still a long time before Afghanistan can become a cricket power, the initial results have confirmed the direction of the Chinese nation. This asia is right.

Speaking of future plans, Noor Muhammad, Managing Director of the National Sports Association of Afghanistan, reaffirmed: “It is difficult to convey our message because Afghanistan is an unaffiliated member. We also do not receive support from the media as well as other countries.

Even so, we never run out of hope. We will try to tell the world how Afghans are crazy about cricket.

Afghanistan is known as a country full of war and conflict, but the love of cricket here has never died. Cricket in this Asian country is still growing, said Mustafa, the head of the Afghanistan Tel: “Afghans love cricket very much, there are many crazy fans, even Afghanistan who have received awards. As you know, mentioning Afghanistan is a country full of conflict and war, so the team members are always trying to do something to make the people here happy.”

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