Cricket is decided to be played in a gentleman manner, which meant no excessive appealing, sledging, rowdiness cheating, and temper tantrums. The batsman should walk if knew he was out, even if the umpire decides.

You could have a never-ending conversation when asking anyone in India about cricket. Similarly, kids of various ages play cricket in the fields or in the streets. They can easily recreate cricket. All they need are a bat a ball and five sticks two for the bails which make up the wicket and three for the stumps.

Cricket Team

Cricket can be played by two teams. They make a coin toss to decide which team fields, bowls or bats first. There are 11 players of the fielding team while two team members of the batting team can only play at a time on the field. the batsmen’s purpose is to score as many runs as possible in a given number of attempts while that of the fielding team is to prevent the batsmen from scoring runs.

Cricket Field

The cricket field is usually oval in shape and is the entire play area which dictates how many runs are scored. T Although the field has no fixed dimensions, its diameter often varies between 137.16 m (450 feet) and 152.4 m (500 feet). There is also no official rule which dictates the field shape for professional games.

There is a perimeter which marks the boundary regardless of the field shape. This determines whether a batsman has scored several runs. To respect the size of the boundaries, there is no boundary which shall be longer than 82.29 meters (90 yards), and from the center of the pitch to be used no boundary should be shorter than 59.43 meters (65 yards)

The square and the pitch lie in the boundary and as close to the center as possible.

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