Cricket and Traditional Tournament “The Ashes” Summer In Australia (part 3)

In cricket, a defensive team player throws a small ball towards the player who bounces off the attacking team and during the ball rolling on the field after being hit, the team of the attacking team will run to the specified positions to score points.

Meanwhile, the defense team also showed a pitcher player called “Bowler” whose task was to throw the ball from the top position of the “pitch” to the opposite end so that the ball hit the ground to hit and hit “Wicket”. Moreover, there is the only player to wear a glove called “Wicket Keeper”, standing behind the position of the “Wicket” column to capture the ball and the other 9 players scattered in circular positions on the field called “Fielder”.

Every time “Bowler” throws a ball, the attacking team’s attacking team called “Batsman” aims to throw the ball and the case hits the ball away and both players bounce at the same time and will run back and forth between the two. Position the “pitch” from the distance of the two lines “Popping Crease” to calculate the score by the number of runs. Each time you start the “pitch” from the beginning of the pitch, it is counted as a “Run”.

Besides, if the ball hit the ground and rolled out of the edge of the field, it will be counted as “4 runs” and if the ball is thrown high up, it will be counted as “6 runs”. If the players finish the ball and run but do not keep up the level of “Popping Crease” while the defensive team has taken the ball and thrown it into the “pitch” area, it will be counted “out”, ie eliminated. Therefore, if the ball is finished but feels unsafe at the distance, “Batsman” can stay still and wait for the opportunity at the next swing.

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