Complete Guide to Understanding Cricket (Part 4)

There are no balls and strikes; As long as a player is not given, there is no penalty for, speaking, swinging and missing at a delivery. There is also no attack zone, nor any direct ‘shadow’ part of the field – the entire field is fair-play territory, and batsmen can polish wherever they want to score.

Like baseball, the play is intermittent: once the ball has been hit and the game has stopped, the ball is considered ‘dead’, and only plays the game when the person who supplies the next ball.

The batting team starts their innings (yes, it’s inning, not inning) with Batsman A and Batsman B on the field. Together they will work together, accumulating funds for the group, until a person (like Batsman B) is given. At that time, Batsman B did batting during the day, and would staggered back to the locker room, being replaced on the ground by Batsman C.

Batsmen A and C would be together for a period of time, until is given, To be replaced by Batsman D, and the process of repeating all the downstream lines. The inning will end when one of the last two players is given the ball, which means the bowling team has taken ten wickets (making ten outs, in baseball terms). The only person batsman will still “not come out”, but the rounds will end, because he or she has no partner to fight.

People who eat sweet potatoes 6 times each time – this forms a “too”. A bowling player cannot bowl twice in a row, so after Bowler Bowl the ball six times, he will grab the hat and sunglasses from the referee (who keeps them transparent), and occupy a position in the field. Bowler B, who was on the pitch in the final match, will throw down the next six balls, but will pass the ball from the opposite corner of the field to Bowler A.

Usually, Bowlers A and B will bowl in one stage, alternating overs. Between the team surpassed, the Fields team had to reassemble to face the opposite end of the pitch, and therefore, broadcasts often cut a short commercial period, while those batsmen were hovering. Mid-yard for a short chat about the status of Games, their tactics, and what to have for dinner. Once the team is in position (usually after 30-45 seconds), play again.

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