Big Bash League 2019 Preview

The 9th season

The Big Bash League is a T20 league set up for professional teams in Australia. It has been running since 2011, and is currently into its 9th season. Along with the Indian Premier League, the Big Bash League is one of the most popular cricket leagues on the planet.

These two leagues are the only two cricket events capable of bringing in enough spectators to be in the top ten for attendances, across all sports.

There are currently a lot of Big Bash expectations surrounding this year’s tournament, which includes some exciting rule changes and impressive big-name signings. So, what is likely to be offered to fans during this season?

Rule Changes

Rule changes have been surprisingly common in the world of cricket. Unlike soccer, in which the fans seem to resist rule changes, cricket has often been a trailblazer for making additions to the rules and accepting help from technology.

For example, cricket was one of the first sports to bring in video assistants and has only continued to benefit from the implementation of technology since. This latest season of the Big Bash League will see some new rule changes, which are expected to benefit both players and fans alike.

The first is the introduction of a mid-innings time out. This is actually a strategic element put in place to benefit whichever team is batting. They will be allowed to take their time out between the seventh and thirteenth over, whenever they feel it is most beneficial to them.

This will see a 90 second time out offered, during which strategic changes can be implemented. It’s a big change for the Big Bash League, and will see them following in the footsteps of American sports.

The second big rule introduction brings the possibility of multiple super overs. The previous rule meant that, if a super over ended up as a tie, whichever team scored more boundaries would be declared the winner. This rule has been scrapped to allow for multiple super overs to be played until a winner is decided.

In the Big Bash League, this rule will be applied for during the finals only. However, a tie game can be awarded during the league games. This is expected to increase the level of excitement that fans experience, as well as reducing complaints from teams which lose due to scoring fewer boundaries, an incident many consider to be unfair.

Overall, the new season of the Big Bash League looks like being the most exciting yet. The slightly tweaked format will give everyone the fast-paced cricket experience that T20 provides!

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