Basic things you need to know about cricket (part 1)

Cricket is a popular sport which has been found in the early 16th century. The Cricket World Cup is the top award of the international game and there are also another major events such as One Day series, Test Series and T20 World Cup. And these are the basic principles of the game for beginners.

Aim of the cricket

The game is aimed to score more runs than your opponent. Test, One Day and Twenty 20 are three variations of the game and the game must be completed in a certain timescale depending on each variation.

You need to hit the ball using a wooden cricket bat for scoring runs.  The team have to bat the other bowls and fields, restrict the opposing team to as few runs as possible in the allotted time or bowling out them for as few runs. The teams will switch roles when the allocated time has expired tor one team has lost all their wickets.

Players & Equipment

There are 11 players in one team whose roles include wicket keepers, fielders, bowlers and batsmen. Players can take up any role athough they might have a specialist one.

The game happens on a circular grass field with a circumference of around 200m though cricket pitch sizes are hugely various. Around the edge of the field there are the boundary edge and the line between in and out.

The wicket stays in the centre of the pitch. The wicket must be 22 yards apart and at either end there are two sets of three stumps. The crease and a line is drawn at each end of the wicket and about 2 yards from the stumps across the wicket. The batsmen hit the cricket ball from one end while the bowler bowl the ball from the other end.

All players wear white clothing (except for shorter games in which the players can wear coloured outfit) and piked shoes. The cricket ball can be either white (one day games) or red (test match) and is made of cork.

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