Baseball – sport evokes creativity

The origin of baseball is a doubt and no one is sure. Traces of a sport played in ancient Egypt using baseball and ball and a ball similar in shape to a baseball ball dating back over 2000 years old.

There is little evidence that baseball comes from Rounders. In fact, that is just evidence of an improved game from Rounders. The goal of the game is to score, called tremor, in the language of baseball.

The team with the most runs at the end of the match wins. A run is recorded when the player, during an attack, can go through the golf course, forming a square called a diamond.

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To start the game, the home team plays defensive first, there are 9 defensive players coming out, trying to prevent the other team player from scoring. The away team plays first, so will try to score a run.

Run is recorded as follows: starting from the position of the forks, each attacker will try to get the right to run. to the next base, they touched the base at that corner, continued to the next base, and finally returned to the plate, when that was a stated point. To get the right to run, will say below.

The attacker is called the batter standing at the back of the house, holding the stick, not including the handle, the handle about 1-inch in diameter. It is made of wood or aluminum depending on the version of the game. The batter waits for the pitcher to throw the ball toward the dish.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

At the appropriate time, the pitcher throws the ball, towards the batter, who will try to hit the ball using the stick. If the batter hits the ball, immediately remove the stick, and start running towards the 1st base. There are other ways to get to the base, like walking when the ball is thrown. hit people.

When the batter starts to run, he will be called the runner. At this point, the runner will try to run towards base 1, when it is reached it is safe, otherwise it is disqualified. When disqualified, the runner must leave the field, where the substitutes and coach are watching the match.

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