Barack Obama and historic moment of Cuban cricket

When the former US President and the host country leader Raul Castro watched the match between the Tampa Bay Rays club and the Cuban team. That will be the turning point of cricket in this Caribbean island nation.

Obama’s visit to Cuba this time is the first in 88 years, since the time of Calvin Coolidge, a US President has set foot on the island.

And the last time an American professional cricket team played in Cuba was 1999. It was the match between the Baltimore Orioles and the Cuban team. In this island nation, cricket is the most popular sport and once flourished.

Before 1959, Cuban cricket stars often went to America to play. However, since the relationship between the two countries was strained, the Cuban players were banned from going abroad. It was also the time when a flourishing, flourishing cricket industry died. The professional tournament is replaced by a state-run tournament.

Since then, the stands are no longer active, the quality of baseball in Cuba has declined. Nearly a decade ago, their team did not win any international titles.

Cricket stars continuously defected to the US to participate in the professional competition environment. There are famous names that have entered the All-Star team of the American Professional Cricket League.

The MLB is working to negotiate with the two governments on an agreement that could allow the Cuban cricket player to come to the US to play. Perhaps, after many years, the Cuban government also realized the disadvantage, the talent bleed when they tried to develop a closed tournament.

In the past decade, about 200 Cuban cricket players have competed in the MLB. At the Olympics, since being put on official competition in Barcelona 1992, Cuba is the country that won the most gold medals.

They won the championship three times and finished second twice. Former President Fidel Castro is also an avid fan of the sport.

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