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Imran Khan: From cricket star to Pakistani Prime Minister (Part 1)

An athlete, a well-known player, a fighter for the rights of young people, who support the Muslim side, a character close to the military – Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan is probably a character of many different shades. How can he win support in the Pakistani Muslim community?

What can the peoples of Pakistan and neighboring countries in South Asia be known for? What can be expected of a former national cricket captain? But surely at this time, the name Imran Khan is an interesting unknown to many people …

Both South Asia watched every move in Islamabad. People were hopeful and waited for a rather strange one-party leader, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (Pakistan Movement for Justice), to win the parliamentary elections for the first time in a nuclear power in Asia. It is not accidental that the term “Pakistani revolution” has become the catch phrase of many people.

Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan

The reason is not so difficult to understand: in a country with up to 71 years under the control of the military government, this is the second time power has been transferred from one political party to another after one Democratic elections.

Moreover, the victory of Tehreek-e-Insaf also broke the previous two-party monopoly system. During the past 30 years, this 200 million-people nation has been the “playground” of the Pakistan People’s Party (of Bhutto’s representatives in the southern Sindh province) and the Muslim Union (Nawaz faction – lit. founded by influential politician Nawaz Sharif has a base in Punjab province). In other words, Pakistan’s politics is the public confrontation of these two factions, though still behind them are high-ranking military generals.

Now on the political stage of Pakistan suddenly appears a new “player” named Tehreek-e-Insaf and the head of a famous cricket star nationwide. In the July 25 election, the party won 115 out of 272 seats in Pakistan’s parliament.

Although this is only a result of an absolute majority (still needing an alliance with other parties), leader Imran Khan has promised people about a government on the principle of ensuring success, justice and equal. The main thing according to Khan’s promise is that there must be “radical changes”.

Cricket and interesting facts

Cricket introduction

What is Cricket?  Cricket is a sport that uses sticks to hit the ball, popular in the countries of the British community. The purpose of the match is that the two teams will take turns, one throwing and one hitting the ball. When all players of the team are disqualified, the team will switch to throwing the ball and vice versa the other team will enter the field to hit the ball.

The reason it was created is both to play and to train the body.  This course will have 11 players in both teams playing on the round grass field. It is divided into 2 games. Each game will be divided into 11 small sessions. In each small session there will be 2 types of players from 2 teams.

Funny things about cricket

A team of people will throw the ball and another person uses a stick to hit the ball. Behind the batter will be a three-cylinder, simply understood as having three wooden sticks to plug into the ground and there will be two types of wood ingots above.

The pitcher they have to do something to the pillar to  let it fall, and the batter must hit the ball correctly.

Funny stories have not stopped there, the two sides must take turns running back and forth, the more they run, the higher the score will be.

The team players have to catch the ball and return to the opponent. After that, it will continue to play continually and until they are eliminated, the remaining 10 players in the yard will be replaced their room as well.

The reason to be eliminated is when three wooden sticks in the back have fallen, or they have caught the ball when the ball has not reached the ground or the players who hit the ball have cheated, covered the three sticks .

This is an extremely interesting game. The game is full of suspicion because each other will run more and will hit the ball quite correctly. The players whl play this game will be very dirty because they usually fall or slide to the ground a lot. In conclusion, this type of game is not as cool as Golf or Tennis!

Some types of cricket game

Cricket has several types: 1. Test cricket, 2. one-day matches, 3. Twenty20

  1. Test cricket

This is the longest form of cricket, up to five days. There are two countries attended; if not it would not be recognized as test cricket. Currently, there are ten countries that are registered to play cricket by International Cricket Council (ICC). ICC allows a country that participates in test cricket if the country achieves an acceptable level. A cricket match may last five days; If a team wins before five days, the match ends soon. If after five days, without a winning team, the result is a draw.

In test cricket, each team hit the ball in turn; Each team gets a maximum of two balls. The aim of the game is to get more points than the other team, in a total of two ball-hitting sessions.

In opposing cricket, to win, a team must be eliminated twice (or have a losing team (declaration)). If a team gains more points, but the opponent has not been eliminated, then the result is a draw.

The first cricket match was held in 1877, attended by England and Australia.

  • One-day cricket

One-day cricket or Limited overs cricket, a new cricket style, was invented around the 1960s and 1970s. Cricket matches were held in one day. In a one-day cricket match, each team has a chance to bat a ball, for a limited time, usually 50 “over”. After the limited time of batting, the second replaces the ball.

If a team is eliminated before the time, then the opposing team will start hitting the ball. If the second team achieves the score of the first team within the limit, then the second team wins. If the second team is eliminated before reaching the number of points of the first team, the first team wins.

Every team gets to play the ball only once, which team has less points will lose.

  • Twenty 20

Twenty20 is a simple, new type of cricket applied in the 21st century. Two twenty means that each team is limited to hitting and handing the ball for 20 rounds.

The goal of cricket two twenty is that the game will be very short and will end in about three hours. Two twenty are bright to attract newcomers to the cricket sport, because newcomers who consider the sport for the first time may not be interested if the game lasts too long.

The first world championship for two twenties was held for the first time in 2007.

Basic things you need to know about cricket (part 1)

Cricket is a popular sport which has been found in the early 16th century. The Cricket World Cup is the top award of the international game and there are also another major events such as One Day series, Test Series and T20 World Cup. And these are the basic principles of the game for beginners.

Aim of the cricket

The game is aimed to score more runs than your opponent. Test, One Day and Twenty 20 are three variations of the game and the game must be completed in a certain timescale depending on each variation.

You need to hit the ball using a wooden cricket bat for scoring runs.  The team have to bat the other bowls and fields, restrict the opposing team to as few runs as possible in the allotted time or bowling out them for as few runs. The teams will switch roles when the allocated time has expired tor one team has lost all their wickets.

Players & Equipment

There are 11 players in one team whose roles include wicket keepers, fielders, bowlers and batsmen. Players can take up any role athough they might have a specialist one.

The game happens on a circular grass field with a circumference of around 200m though cricket pitch sizes are hugely various. Around the edge of the field there are the boundary edge and the line between in and out.

The wicket stays in the centre of the pitch. The wicket must be 22 yards apart and at either end there are two sets of three stumps. The crease and a line is drawn at each end of the wicket and about 2 yards from the stumps across the wicket. The batsmen hit the cricket ball from one end while the bowler bowl the ball from the other end.

All players wear white clothing (except for shorter games in which the players can wear coloured outfit) and piked shoes. The cricket ball can be either white (one day games) or red (test match) and is made of cork.