A Guide to Play Cricket

Cricket is very popular in the world, it owns billions of fans in many other countries around the globe. Whether you live in Subcontinent, or just live in a country where cricket is not really common. If you want to learn how to play cricket, read the instructions below to understand the basics of this sport.

  1. Prepare accessories

To play cricket safely you must prepare some pieces of specialized equipment. These are the uniforms, a ball, 2 cricket bats, , 4 bails, 6 stumps. Plus, the wicket-keeper need to aquired safety gear.

Stumps and bails are some of the most important equipment in cricket. These are wooden pieces assembled and create the wicket.

The cricket ball is sewn in a straight line like a tennis ball pattern, it separated by stitching, and in composition and size it quite similar to a baseball. The ball is traditionally red and white stitching. Nowadays people tend to use white ball in games happened in some limited conditions for better vision. In these games the players usually wear colored uniforms instead of traditional white ones.

The cricket uniform include: long-sleeves (or short-ones) shirt, long trousers, and shoes. Spike-tread shoes (cleats) are chosen by most cricket players so that they can better grip on the field. The traditional red ball must always go with white or off-white uniforms. Color outfits might be used with white balls.

The cricket bat is quite large, it made of willow wood and used for strength. It bulged on one side and flat on the other. The players use flat part of the bat to hit the ball as far as possible.

The wicket-keeper similar to a baseball catcher must wear safety equipment such as a helmet, shin guards and webbed mitts. The player who near the batsmen can wear shin guards and a helmet for protection.

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