Barack Obama and historic moment of Cuban cricket

When the former US President and the host country leader Raul Castro watched the match between the Tampa Bay Rays club and the Cuban team. That will be the turning point of cricket in this Caribbean island nation.

Obama’s visit to Cuba this time is the first in 88 years, since the time of Calvin Coolidge, a US President has set foot on the island.

And the last time an American professional cricket team played in Cuba was 1999. It was the match between the Baltimore Orioles and the Cuban team. In this island nation, cricket is the most popular sport and once flourished.

Before 1959, Cuban cricket stars often went to America to play. However, since the relationship between the two countries was strained, the Cuban players were banned from going abroad. It was also the time when a flourishing, flourishing cricket industry died. The professional tournament is replaced by a state-run tournament.

Since then, the stands are no longer active, the quality of baseball in Cuba has declined. Nearly a decade ago, their team did not win any international titles.

Cricket stars continuously defected to the US to participate in the professional competition environment. There are famous names that have entered the All-Star team of the American Professional Cricket League.

The MLB is working to negotiate with the two governments on an agreement that could allow the Cuban cricket player to come to the US to play. Perhaps, after many years, the Cuban government also realized the disadvantage, the talent bleed when they tried to develop a closed tournament.

In the past decade, about 200 Cuban cricket players have competed in the MLB. At the Olympics, since being put on official competition in Barcelona 1992, Cuba is the country that won the most gold medals.

They won the championship three times and finished second twice. Former President Fidel Castro is also an avid fan of the sport.

Japanese baseball king sport

Japanese baseball is celebrated as the king sport there. The most popular star in this country is not a singer or actor but Japanese baseball legend Suzuki Ichiro. He is the national idol of the country of cherry blossoms.

It can be said, no Japanese does not know him. Ichiro is honored as a symbol of the Japanese human character, the ambassador to bring Japanese culture to America in particular and the world in general.

Japanese baseball, known locally as Yakyuu. That literally means the football field, which is a national phenomenon in this country. Masaoka Shiki, one of the four great masters of haiku poetry, has written a number of poems in praise of this king sport. Baseball is even more popular than Sumo, which is known worldwide.

Baseball was introduced to Japan in 1872 by an American English teacher working at the Tokyo Kaisei Academy named Horace Wilson. It was at the beginning of the Meiji period, when the adoption of customs and practices from the West prevailed.

But baseball wasn’t really popular until the end of World War II. During the American occupation of Japan, the Americans strongly promoted the sport to the Japanese people. Baseball legends of the time like Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Joe DiMaggio formed a baseball tournament called the All-Star and played with local players.

The large funding from Japanese corporations for professional baseball teams in the country is also a reason for the development of this sport. Many Japanese baseball teams are named after a company or corporation rather than a city or region.

Experts have pointed out that the main features of this fascinating game are the work ethic of the Japanese. Baseball depends a lot on teamwork, perseverance and discipline, which are qualities that the Japanese worship.

Loyalty is also a highly valued trait in this sport. Japanese baseball players tend to play for only one team during their careers. Although there are sometimes players invited to play in the US major, such as Japanese star Ichiro Suzuki. He is who holds an impressive record of hitting 262 balls in a single season in America.

World winning series between American baseball and other nations

The history of baseball shows that, starting in 1884, there were several years of championship matches after the season. However, they did not notice it until 1903.

That year, the newly formed National League and American Union signed a “peace treaty” designed to put an end to the attacks of bridges. played by each member club of the tournament.

Although not to mention the mentioned series of post-season championships. The chairman of the Pittsburgh pirate team and the Boston pilgrim won. He came up with the idea of ​​a series of games after nine seasons to show off their teams. That’s setting up an annual event awaited by baseball fans everywhere.

Maybe it started to be called that. Because when the World Series started back in 1901, we were probably the only country that played professional baseball.

That means the team won the World Series, which is practically the best professional baseball team in the world. But the United States is still ranked number 1 in the world for baseball.

Cuba is arguably very good at baseball, but once the recent Cuban movement in Major League Baseball began over the past decade. Japan is also said to be great at baseball, but look at how their players do when they get here.

Ichiro Suzuki is the only Japanese soccer player to play in the Major League baseball that I will consider a clear success. No Japanese pitcher has ever been successful at League level, and don’t tell me Tanaka, as his career is just beginning. He has never won more than 14 games in a season. There are Japan’s better pitchers that have dropped after a few seasons.

So with baseball currently being played in different regions of the planet, why don’t we call it the North American Series? Because we pride ourselves on the sport we invented, and there are no other national leagues, other than North America.

Fidel Castro and Cuban baseball

Not only an outstanding leader, former Cuban President Fidel Castro is also an intense lover of sports, especially baseball. He left a bold mark on the most popular sport in Cuba.

Hundreds of Cuban students with a slogan against the then President Fulgencio Batista screamed and suddenly seized a stadium in the capital Havana. They interrupted a baseball league game in this country.

Moments later, a young law student named Fidel Castro grabbed the ball and made several throws. The young man then met up with future American professional baseball player Don Hoak before leaving the field.

That was in 1951, eight years before the Cuban Revolution led by Fidel Castro overthrew the Batista government. This fascinating story is repeated many times and has various anecdotes.

Since baseball was introduced in the 1992 Summer Olympics, the Cuban national team has won 3 Gold and 2 Silver medals. The team also played spectacularly in the World Classic tournament and won 25 gold medals in 29 times participating in this tournament.

Antonio Tony Gonzalez, one of the famous Cuban athletes commented: Mr. Fidel Castro’s influence on baseball is huge. Antonio Gonzalez said that, under the leader Fidel Castro, Cuban baseball in the golden era.

“We won the world many times, we won the Pan – American championship. We even won against strong teams like America even though they have very good players, ”said Antonio Gonzalez.

However, the best players left the Cuban team to play for the best teams in America. Before this phenomenon, in 1960, baseball players were banned from playing for teams outside the island nation.

And those who switched to compete for teams in the US with contracts millions of dollars were considered “deserter”. They were banned from returning to Cuba.

Now, Antonio Castro is Vice President of the International Baseball Federation. He loosened this rule in the hope that it would retain the country’s talent.

Cuban players are allowed to sign foreign teams as long as they continue to play for the national team. Their salary is also increased by 20 times compared to before.

Koreans eagerly await the return of baseball

The baseball season in Korea also took place, but in a special way, in accordance with the rules of social gap. Instead of letting the audience fill the cheering stands as usual. The organizers have packed banners with pictures of fans. They want to motivate the players.

The President also mentioned that the annual professional baseball tournament opening ceremony will be held. They hope that the sport that many Koreans love will be a source of encouragement for people to relieve stress during the series of fighting Covid-19.

According to the President of Korea, the opening ceremony of the “Covid-19” tournament attracted the attention of the world. The US and Japan also bought the copyright and broadcast the event live. The President affirmed that over here, Korea has shown to the world that Koreans have strictly implemented the epidemic room. But they still have moments of relaxation with sports.

This is a brand new tournament in Korea, being broadcast by both the US and Japan for the present. Virtually no sports tournament in the world is broadcast live, making sports channels very content-hungry. At this tournament, fans can interact online with the cheerleaders and players via a large screen.

Even the traditional field has a new look. Instead of a regular pitch, a child player stood in a giant transparent baseball walking towards the catcher. The tournament was supposed to boost the morale of the players and increase interaction with the audience mid-season.

The LA Dodgers Korean soccer player Ryu Hyun-jin made his first win at Major League Baseball. Ryu Hyun-jin has signed on to play for the US team LA Dodgers for a salary of $ 36 million over six years. This result is obtained after the two sides have negotiated for about a month.

How to be motivated even when you’re not in the mood – go to cricket

Perhaps everyone knows how hard it is to maintain motivation… I went to cricket.

I have developed a method that I will share with you right now to help people stay motivated even when they are not interested. I have played baseball for 17 years, mostly in the pitching position. In the final season, I was selected to be the best team, honored to receive the typical male athlete of the university.

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Just a few years ago, in the team that went from high school, I was the only one eliminated. After that, I had to play for the second team for the next time, until I got back to the starting lineup thanks to the good training results.

One thing that makes baseball different from other sports is the number of matches. In Major League Baseball, each team has to play 162 games a season, twice as many as the NBA or several times the NFL. Even high school teams have to play 40-60 matches a year.

vWith such a dense density, there will always be days when your body is tired, or your mind does not want to head to the game anymore. For that reason, I say baseball is very similar to life, when there are times when the things that matter to me become a burden.

This boot process takes about 20-25 minutes, and before every match I do the same.

Giới thiệu về luật bóng chày mới nhất dành cho người mới tập chơi

The warm-up exercise not only helped me warm my body, but more importantly, also put me in the best mental state to play. Even before I wasn’t excited, after I started the game, I felt ready for the game ahead.

Pay attention to the experts in every field, you will see they have their own habits. An NBA athlete always makes the same gestures every time he throws a penalty, a comedian always says the same thing every time he goes on stage. Or a morning project always has a meeting before starting a working day.

Logo Major League cricket Club

Major League Baseball is one of the professional sports organizations of baseball. And this is also the oldest organization of the four major professional sports federations in the United States and Canada.

This sports organization has achieved a lot of success and has become one of the famous organizations in many countries around the world. Nowadays, along with the development of society, this type of sport has become popular and organized to compete in many different countries.

AP source: MLB owners OK plan that could lead to July start

To find out more about the Major League Baseball logo, read the article below. Major League Baseball has a total of 30 teams from many different states of USA and Canada.

The MLB system of matches is broadcast live on many different stations in North America and many other countries around the world. MLB has always been the major concern of most baseball fans worldwide.

And this is also considered the most famous and prestigious tournament. They gathered the highest qualified players in this field. For a long time, Major League Baseball has become an integral part of American culture.

When looking at the Major League Baseball logo the first image can easily be seen that is the official symbol of the tournament. There was a person in a baseball game.

How new roster rules will change Major League Baseball — if they ...

He is said to be based on the image of Jackie Robinson. This is one of the legendary players and the first black player to play for the tournament. They took two typical colors of the American flag, blue and red, to indicate the origin of this sport.

Overall, the Major League Baseball logo clearly shows what the organization’s sport is and where it comes from. This is also one of the unique features that this logo shows. Major League Baseball has more people than any other tournament in the world with 74 million spectators

How Effective Is Baseball Pitch Throw Effective

Like other sports, baseball is a sport that requires high team spirit. They are widely used in schools as well as major sports leagues around the world. Join me to learn about the rules of the game and the techniques for effective baseball in the article below!

Before playing baseball, players need to know their rules carefully. Before learning about this subject, many people could only imagine sticking and running. But actually the rules of the game like how not everyone mastered.

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The rules of baseball are quite simple. One team player throws the ball hard at the other team’s player. They will be tasked with defeating the baseball before the ball is delivered to your team.

Each match will have two teams and each team has 9 main players on the field. There may be a few reserve players off the pitch. Each baseball match consists of 9 innings. The game is controlled by referees and is counted by the score or number of players who have successfully reached home base.

At the end of the 9 innings the team with the higher score wins. If the number of points is too much between the two teams, the time to end the game will be faster.

The baseball field consists of 4 golf balls and is arranged on 4 corners of a square. Outside the first square there will be 4 white square pieces is also the golf course that the batter is responsible for running.

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In the event that the pitcher hits the batter and this player runs back to the golf course it will be the duty to wait for the next batter to hit. They will run to the next golf course to score.

At the time of waiting for the ball, the golfer will use tactics to steal the golf or run before the ball was hit to save time. However, if the loophole is open then all golfers are disqualified. Then the two teams will change sides, the offensive team to defend and vice versa. Each change will end a round.

There are currently two commonly used types of baseball throws: fast and curved. In which the ball throwing technique requires more skill and skill than the fast ball.

Why do Japanese people prefer baseball to sumo or soccer

Baseball is so popular in Japan that it is more popular than sumo, and football. The number of baseball fans in Japan accounts for about 20 percent of the population.

According to CNBC, baseball is known locally as yakyuu, a national phenomenon in Japan. Masaoka Shiki is one of the four great haiku masters of Japan. He once wrote a number of poems praising it. Baseball is even more popular than sumo in Osaka city.

According to data published by Japan’s Central Research Services in 2018, 48 percent of the respondents considered baseball a favorite sport. Sumo and football both stand in second place with about 25 percent for each subject.

oOo VnSharing oOo

Western sports were not popular until after World War II ended. During the American occupation of Japan, Americans promoted this sport vigorously. Baseball legends such as Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Joe DiMaggio have established an All-Star tournament and compete with local players.

There is also one thing that makes baseball popular in Japan, the involvement of large corporations, when starting to fund professional teams. So far, many baseball teams have the name of a company, and don’t carry the name of a city or region like other sports.

Many people believe that the main characteristics of the game hit Japanese psychology. Baseball depends heavily on teamwork, perseverance and discipline. Which are qualities that Japanese people always appreciate.
Loyalty is another important characteristic.

Bóng chày Nhật Bản - môn thể thao vua đầy mê hoặc xứ Phù Tang

Japanese baseball players tend to stay in a team throughout their career. Although there are still some people playing in the Major League of America. Those include Japanese star Ichiro Suzuki, who holds the MLB record with 262 points in a season. And a rookie, Shohei Ohtani, is making waves in the US.

The most popular major league teams in Japan are Hanshin Tigerers, Hiroshima Carps and Yomiuri Giants. Tourists can go to these cities to watch baseball, the tournament usually lasts from March to October.

Instructions on how to play baseball few people

Good pitching techniques will affect the outcome of the a sport. So with the aim of making the attacker of the offensive team can not hit the ball and catch the ball as desired.

So your pitching technique must be hard and very skillful. At the same time you also need to coordinate well between the pitcher and catcher. There are many types of baseball pitches. You just need to practice all kinds of throwing to make it difficult to hit the batter.

Seam Fastball is a very dangerous type of baseball. Because of this type of pitch the ball will ban at high speed. The ball will orbit in a straight line. Therefore the batter will be very difficult to block the ball away.

Hướng dẫn cách ném bóng chày xoáy và khiến đối phương khó đỡ bóng

This is the second most dangerous type of pitching that baseball players use. With this type of pitching, the ball speed is fast, so the batter is hard to locate. In addition, the ball trajectory has a virtual variation in the direction of movement so the batter is often made mistakes.

A perfect pitcher Splitter will be a pitcher that flies straight to the Catcher’s position. This will cause your opponent to suddenly move in a downward direction. This will be very beneficial to your team.

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Cutter is a way of throwing swirling baseball. The person who makes this type of throw will easily score. Because this type of ball is thrown at high speed. Flying ball trajectory. So the batter will be very difficult to control the game.

This type of pitching is similar to the Cutter type. However, the flight speed of the baseball will be lower. However, it is also one of the most dangerous ways to play baseball.

Change of baseball will help the ball can fly at a slow pace. Therefore it is also very easy to fool the feel of the ball hit. That is why this type of pitching is used a lot in baseball.