The five common dismissal forms in cricket (Part 3)


During the innings of the team, they will accumulate runs, and the fielding team will accumulate wickets (outs). If at some point the team had scored 72 goals and lost 3 wickets, their score would be ‘3/72’, or ‘three for seventy-two’. If that team scored two goals for the next match, their score would drop to 3/74, because they still lost only 3 wickets, but now have scored 74 goals. A player who has faced 40 deliveries and scored 30 runs will have a score of “30 * (40),” with an asterisk indicating they have not been fired.

If 18 punches have been completed and the bowling player threw three balls on the 19th, the number of bowled plays will be represented by: “Overs: 18.3”. (Since there are six balls per turn, the process goes to 18.3, 18.4, 18.5, 19.0 – that is, each number after the decimal point represents a rolling ball, not a tenth of a time).

There are two common mistakes made by the survey team: a no-ball (most often, when the player passes the ball with the front foot in front of the white line at the end of the field, similar to the Tennis leg error); Or wide (when the ball is beaten by the beater or out of its reach).

A ball is not a ball or a large medal running into the team, must be polished again – it does not count on those six balls and means it cannot be fired by batsmen, except to run hide or hit the ball. So, if a player has a castle broken by a transaction called ‘ball without a front foot’, the batter will escape and remain in the game.

Different Forms of Cricket

There are three types of cricket: Check cricket, a cricket day, and T20 cricket.

The oldest and most prestigious is Test cricket. Test matches that last up to five days, play from about 11 am to 6 pm, play bowling 90 minutes a day, with two lunch breaks and tea. (The fruit is clear, cricket was invented in England). In this form of the game, the player wears white clothes and uses a red ball.

Mafia manipulates cricket in India (Part 1)

Mafia has turned cricket ball tournament in India, which has the biggest attraction in the world, into a fake contest to profit “gigantic” through the illegal betting market.

The fertile market of the mafia

Currently, cricket tournaments are on a downward trend, including in England, the country where the sport was born. However, in India, cricket has a strong attraction, even seen as a “religion”.

As described by the BBC, cricket creates a strange national unity in India, because when a match takes place, the roads become empty, the wedding must be postponed, even the activities of hospitals or congressional meetings were also rescheduled. The whole country, from the poor to the rich, the rural or the urban, the Hindus or Muslims, etc. put aside their work to watch the struggles.

The Indian Premier League (IPL) professional cricket tournament is held every year with 11 participating clubs with an audience equal to 10 tournaments in other countries combined. This “crazy” attraction has helped IPL in 2014 gain a brand value of up to US $ 7.2 billion and is the main source of support for the International Cricket Council (ICC).

Meanwhile, since its inception in 2008, IPL has created a betting market with revenue of about US $ 60 billion, but half of that has fallen to illegal betting lines via websites from Karachi. (Pakistan) to Mumbai (India), Hong Kong and Dubai (UAE). However, hidden behind the glitz, the results of the IPL competitions are mostly orchestrated by the notorious mafia gangs in India and Asia.

Semi-explosive scandal 

In May, Indian cricket fans were outraged when the IPL scandals began to come to light after a series of arrests. First, Dehli police proceeded to arrest three stars of the Rajasthan Royals Club, Sreesanth, Ajit Chandila and Ankeet Chavan immediately after a match in Mumbai due to the result of the settlement line.

Most watched ever Men’s Cricket World Cup 2019 (Part 1)

Men’s CWC 2019 live coverage reached 1.6 billion viewers of a global cumulative average audience. These quite astounding numbers of viewers demonstrate the power of live cricket to engage and connect more deeply with diverse audiences.

The ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2019 with a global cumulative average audience of 1.6 billion for live coverage was the most watched ICC event ever, a unique broadcast audience of 706 million viewers and a 38% increase over the 2015 edition, demonstrating the power of live cricket and phenomenal reach around the world.

The event also recorded a 42% increase in comparison to the 2015 Men’s Cricket World Cup in average time watched per unique viewer.

Emphasising cricket’s continued appeal, a 22% increase compared to that of Cricket World Cup 2015 with the 706 million unique audience of which 32% of the 706 million were aged 18 to 34 and 41% of the audience were women.

The ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup was watched by fans with the event amassing a record 13.7 billion global viewing hours, a longer amount of time than ever before. This is a record for an ICC event, seeing an 72% increase from the 2015 event and 18% increase from the 2011 Cricket World Cup.

Manu Sawhney ICC Chief Executive believed that these quite astounding numbers demonstrate that the power of live cricket engage and connect with diverse audiences more deeply around the world. The added jeopardy of tournament cricket enables this sport to aggregate and cut through audiences like never before while the drama and theatre of live cricket is compelling even in the increasingly fragmented world.

The match between India and Pakistan is the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2019 most watched globally with over another 50 million digital-only viewers and 273 million unique viewers tuning into linear TV coverage.

The five common dismissal forms in cricket (Part 2)

3. Run out

To be shaken is similar to being thrown out of baseball. If the batsmen tried to run, and the fielding team could throw the ball into one of the original sets before the batter could pass the ball to the white line (‘wrinkles’) at the end of the field, the batter was outside. The Fielding team can attack the ball with the ball through a direct hit, or the player can catch the ball and then defeat the Bail by hand (s) holding the ball. Or, they can only do this:

Assume that running on any ball is not required, running away usually happens or because a player thinks he / she was fast enough to make it to the other end but was beaten by a stage Great display of fielding, or by miscommunication between two Batsmen. This is one of the most famous blends in cricket history.

4. Stunned

The basic stumping is part of the escape, where the wicket holder breaks the stumps of the batter when attacking after the fisherman accidentally moves out of his wrinkles while swinging and miss the ball. The same rule applies to having to break the stumps when the batsman is out of wrinkles, so if a person beats the flutter and misses but still retains it behind the white line, they cannot be trapped.

5. Foot before Wicket

The cricketing principle of leg before wicket, or LBW, certainly ranks as one of the more complex rules in all sports. Imagine the difficulties in explaining the offside rule of football, surpassing the legal definitions of byzantine on NFL fishing. The essence of this is: if the ball hits the batsman on the leg (or any other part of the body) without hitting his bat or glove, and the ball will have otherwise struck the wickets, the person polish will come out.

The name is a literal description of the layoff mode: the ball touches the foot of the goer before it can go into the wickets; leg before wicket. Today, referees with access to technology not only track the ball did move through the air like tennis, but also predict where the ball would have gone if it did not contact the batter. This technology is used in many advanced gaming forms – although India is particularly skeptical and refuses to accept the use of technology in its matches – and teams will be judged according to regulations for every match.

Indian cricket – there have been too much injuries (part 2)

Now the most appropriate question for you is why is any of these personal injury cases among Indian participants becoming so sudden rambling?

The physiotherapy team and experts have commented that the injured participants often do not have enough time and sleep to restore health. That’s because Indian cricket schedules are burdened with global outfits. India plays cricket around the world more than some other parts of the world.

For example, the last 12 months begin with the final year of community glass cricket towards the end of India’s previous Melbourne trip. The 2007 ODI planet cricket tournament took place from March 14 to April in India and Melbourne’s 28th previous event ended on March 4, 2008, among participants between India never Appreciate relaxation throughout the month with cricket extension.

The world cup ended on the 28th and the 28th Indian team returned from To the west Indies to start a trip to Bangladesh to try 3 days 1 and 2 analytical suits starting October 10.

Right After returning from your visit to Bangladesh, the Indian crew had to hurry to Fantastic Britain to play against Ireland, the South then, Scotland, Africa and Pakistan England. The two-year long journey of full difficulty and 50% ended on September 8. From London, the group had to fly to South Africa to participate in the first twenty20 planet cup tournament from 11 to 24 September.

Returning from the South African Dhoni men has been used around the world a modern day australia a champion to get an additional twenty20 and seven matches The ODI Collection is played from the 29th September to October 17. After that, up to five difficult ODI supplement collections and three additional test sequences against rival Pakistani rivals stretching from November 5 to December 12.

In December, the Indian team was required to live again, now for Australia to battle the world champions for an additional collection of analysis starting from December 26, then the match.

There is no break time for your athletes for up to 6 months possible. In the event that the country’s top ranked athletes from your 20-25 group are being used in various matches with caution and substitution, it is possible to expect that physical difficulties And injuries can be handled effectively.

Vietnam’s first cricket team

This is the first time that cricket has been introduced to SEA Games. And perhaps few people know that this sport similar to baseball has been present in Vietnam for the past 3, 4 years.

Cricket is one of the sports with the most players in the world. So the community of foreigners living in Vietnam, especially the British, Australians, and Indians, has for years built the cricket movement in Ho Chi Minh City. Even the Vietnam Cricket Association (VCA) was born quite a long time. Starting at RMIT University, the playground for the members of the association later transferred to Phu Tho Training and Sports Center (District 11), and a cricket team of Vietnamese people was born. over half a year in the form of socialization.

The problem for young people when coming to cricket is the issue of budget. It is a sport that requires a lot of equipment – sticks, gloves, protective gear beside shoes and balls. Each individual stick that the team owns has a million silver prices. Vietnam cricket team therefore exists in the form of socialization when the training and competition equipment is sponsored by VCA. The formation of the team was also proposed by VCA to the Department of Culture and Sports of Ho Chi Minh City.

Mr. Sandeep Gill – General Secretary of VCA (Indian) – said: “Cricket is one of the three sports with the most players in the world. So we want to promote this sport to Vietnamese people. At least it helps foreigners living in Vietnam who are passionate about cricket will have more playground ”.

Not only training equipment, VCA also invited a foreign expert for the team – Coach Michael Blinkhoff (Australia). As a photographer, Mr. Blinkhoff has been working in Vietnam for 2 years and also often plays cricket in groups with members of VCA. He accepted to help the team 3 times / week and completely free.

Eighteen players, 16 of whom are first-time SEA Games students and non-professional coaches, will set foot in Malaysia next month. Their dream is not the medal, but the hope of a world leading sport will have the opportunity to develop more in Vietnam.

How is playing cricket beneficial to you?

Cricket lets you spend time outside in a physical and competitive match. Here, two teams compete for scoring the most inning runs. Beside friendly competition and fresh air, it has many other benefits.

1. Physical advantages

This sport helps you build muscles aside from burning calories. Also, it betters your stamina and coordination. Cricket asks for pitching and hitting the ball with the bat. Also, sprint to the wicket as well as throwing and catching. With strong, quick legs, you are more likely to score runs. The strength of your upper body helps enhance the ball throwing and hitting.

2. Socialization

Another perk of playing this game is making friends and enjoying your teammates’ camaraderie. The matches can probably last multiple hours. Within that time, you will cooperate with your team to develop the proper strategies and become the winner. Commiserating losses and celebrating wins are fun when you do them with your friends.

3. Health benefits

Whether it is catching, hitting, or bowling, it all asks for strong arms. Not all, you need sprinting skills for scoring points in numerous game variants. Stamina and physical endurance are useful for dismissing the batsmen once innings get drawn-out. Also, amateur players are likely to see enhancement in their overall health when taking part in these cricket matches. For kids, they will learn the physical activity’s value and enjoy the experience at the same time.

4. Focus improvement

Why do not you better your hand-eye coordination by playing cricket? In case you do not know, to succeed in bowling the ball or so, you must hone a great sense of coordination between your hands and eyes apart from determination and focus. These competencies are particularly significant for kids to grow at an early age. Let cricket give you the chance of honing the skills you may lose over the years.

How many heroes like Ben Stokes did English cricket lose when the sport wasn’t on free-to-air TV, asks MP

An MP claimed that cricket may have lost out on potential stars of the caliber of World Cup hero Ben Stokes by not being on free-to-air television since 2005 as he clashed with the sport’s bosses.

Labour’s Ian Lucas challenged officials from the England and Wales Cricket Board as he told a Commons Select Committee that monthly participation rates fell from 403,000 to 279,000 from 2011 to 2016.

Members of the Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport Committee are examining how English cricket can capitalize on the men’s team’s World Cup success this year by growing the sport’s appeal and bringing it to a wider audience.

And flanked by the Men and Women’s Cricket World Cup trophies, both currently held by England, ECB chief executive officer Tom Harrison was quizzed over how the sport would avoid repeating what happened after England’s famous Ashes triumph of 2005.

Committee chairman Damian Collins said that rather than prompting a renaissance in the game, the following years actually saw a decline in attendance, something blamed by many on the switch from free-to-air to pay television.

Mr. Harrison said the game in 2005 was very different and investment was needed to bring stadia up to scratch, but that the decline was a “more complex issue”. He said that in 2005, 40 percent of people only had five channels on their TVs and there were no iPads.

He added that between 2020 and 2024 he expected the game to be 75 percent reliant on pay television such as Sky for revenues, allowing it to invest in the grassroots of the game.

Asked what the ECB would do differently, he said it had signed up to a voluntary code which meant 30 percent of revenues would go to grass root causes, and that the sport was going back onto the BBC with live cricket next year. He said the product would drive audiences for the betterment of all of cricket.

Mr. Lucas asked about the possibility of having just one Test match on free-to-air television, adding that the impact of the Rugby World Cup was increased by being on ITV.

But Mr. Harrison said an earlier review showed that having one Test match a year between 2014 and 2017 on free-to-air TV would cost the game £137.4m, 48 percent of the budget for domestic broadcast rights.

He said that missing out on the extra money from a pay-TV operator would impact on its strategic plan to grow cricket and was “extremely hard to justify”.

Mr. Lucas replied that the fall in participation rates between 2011 and 2016 was also “extremely hard to justify” and asked: “I wonder how many Ben Stokes we lost in that period.”

MPs were told about the growth in the women’s game in recent years, a trend helped by England’s win in the 2017 World Cup.

Yorkshire peer Lord Patel of Bradford, a Senior Independent Non-Executive Director at the ECB, said 2,000 South Asian women over four years were being helped to become mentors and cricket coaches.

Indian cricket – there have been too much injuries (part 1)

By the end of the year, the number of injuries to Indian team players is increasing rapidly. In recent times, we have seen instances where experienced players were eliminated on their overseas excursions that hide damage, only appearing during enjoyment. This has occupied the team’s position in a precarious position in the middle of the tour a number of times requiring SOS replacement needs at home.

Athletes know fully that they will only aggravate some persistent pain or persistent damage, if they do not allow it to sleep properly. If they continue to play video games with persistent wounds, they are also fully aware that they will risk their own personal involvement in existence.

Exactly why then did Indian crickets cover up their wounds and potentially risk joining the group nationwide? Is it the pure love of video games or getting rid of patriotism, causing these people to take this opportunity? May be low! Perhaps this is the appeal of lucre. Perhaps that is the fear of being transformed inside the employee.

Nowadays, everyone knows that a lot of money is involved in cricket abroad and actively playing for that national team does not merely allow cricket players to receive a weighted payment package from BCCI‘s you, a regional region across the country, also guarantees cash-related advertising commitments.

Most gamers are well aware that the level of competition is quite good, although after that, people will not have a positive barrier, of course a person like Sachin Tendulkar even after being absent in some games. Due to injuries, that position will remain protected in the staff.

In the event that the alternate player performed correctly, the original player may have difficulty creating the resume again. Obsessed with this concern, the player hides his wound and tries to continue with it as long as it can be achieved.

India vs. Pakistan: a cricket match in which players are separated (Part 2)

The unofficial ban – weak enough to allow someone like Wasim Akram to become bowling instructor for Knight Kolkata Knight – kept Pakistan’s top players in the waiting room. Even if the ban is lifted, which franchise will be prepared to take risks, can they guarantee the player’s protection from an extremist with grudge?

Meanwhile, the Pakistan Super League is developing nicely, but no Indian player is wearing gloves. BCCI likes to keep Indian male players dry powder for IPL, although they only allow their female players to play in Big Bash. This may be a reason why Yuvraj Singh has retired, so he can freely trade globally.

This physical distance between the two teams also creates an emotional distance. There is still a common language, a common food, a shared culture, but over the past five years, the two sides have disappeared up and down into two different stratosphere.

Meanwhile, once they would hang out together at Sufi music concerts, that was slowly drifting away. The players are very intimate, but the old relationship, the friendship that goes with spending hours and days together on a trip, is gone. A leading Indian commentator said that it is like having close neighbors, not like you.

At the 2017 Champions Cup, Pakistani athlete Sarfaraz Khan wanted to get some advice from MS Dhoni, but a meeting could not be arranged – not because of any mutual dislike, but because Life has become too complicated. Once upon a time, they would wander into each other’s changing rooms.

The Indian team has become supernovas, the world’s superstars have such a reputation that they are more likely to live, eat, breathe and play in bubbles – with room play stations, beards and sports tattoos.

For Pakistan, their mere existence as a team could be in draw days Their greatest success made it the best – see their excitement beating England at the Trent Bridge – a small miracle. They are deprived, unprepared, don’t have a proper home and do everything with a glance, a wing and a prayer. Pakistan’s work is real as it is invisible, but it may be possible to do with a little more money every hour and again.

Perhaps what unites the players from the two teams in 2019 is that the shared experience from playing a game has more political and cultural significance than any other game on the planet, ready and waiting. to be attacked by those with agendas. A game watched by more than a billion people around the world, to a passionate stadium: a celebration, a competition, a pressure, which only 22 people can understand.